Recently Seeyond Architectural Products discreetly formulated new finishes for the mobile wall system Seeyond Select. Yet these new finishes are unlike the cellular resin or tessellation options seen before. These new finishes in the Seeyond Select mobile walls collection come in seven diverse wall shapes, three different heights (48″, 60″ and 72″) and three distinct, new metal composite finishes including gloss & matte, brushed metallic and mirrored metallic that come in a multitude of colors.

These contemporary finishes for the collection, among many other outstanding products and designs, created a buzz with their release at North America’s largest annual design exposition, NeoCon 2014. These new Seeyond Select finishes, although composed of metal composite, allow for space to be redefined with easy mobility. The company itself focuses on creating functional mobile walls that promote redefining space whenever necessary. Another goal of Seeyond Architectural Products encompasses creating settings that promote spaces such as team, meeting, conversation or individualistic spaces – which is easily attained through the Seeyond Select collection.

wall heights and shapes

The Seeyond Select collection (if the 60″ or 72″ is purchased) allows the user to adjust the height dimension. The top level of the 60″ and the top two levels of the 72″ connect cohesively through strong magnets to promote easy redefinition, collaboration and personalization.

The two most abstract finishes – brushed metallic and mirrored metallic – intrigued designers and attendees alike with their multitude of shapes, efficient reconfiguration abilities, various color choices within the finish, and added depth to each occupied space. The brushed metallic finish, seen below, captivates the space with a sleek shine and a sophisticated dimensional presence within the room. This particular finish instantly modernizes each room it occupies while harmonizing the surrounding pieces.

Brushed metallic enclosure

angular brushed metallic

Unlike the brushed metallic, the mirrored metallic finish reflects its surroundings with a mirror-like surface rather than simply a dull shine. This reflective effect immediately draws the attention of the viewer while adding depth unlike any other mobile wall on the market. The mobility and efficiency of the Seeyond Select collection allows dynamic companies to relocate these eye-catching pieces ‘at a moments notice.’

Mirrored mobile wall

Mirrored mobile wall 2


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Earlier this week, a group of individuals exclusively attended a Lean Thinking Workshop hosted by Roger Call, registered architect and current Director of Healthcare Kaizen Architecture for Herman Miller Healthcare. Attendees participated in an organized activity which provided an interactive, hands-on experience led by trained Lean facilitators. This activity focused on teaching the attendees how to apply and comprehend the Lean concepts in a healthcare setting—specifically an ambulatory clinic as a model.

photo 1[1]photo 2[1]

Roger gave a few CEU’s during the simulation where he highlighted the current conditions that are triggering the necessity for Lean. The “perfect storm” (as Roger called it) that is brewing in the current healthcare field derives from higher demand (more people entering the system), higher quality standards, and lowering reimbursement–which forces providers to become more efficient while reducing errors. Thus to put this driving force in perspective, Roger Call laid out a scenario which spurred the activity. Each table of eight attendees was a clinic where a world-renowned architect had previously designed everything. Rearranging what had already been done would be a capital expense and was denied. Therefore, the attendees had the task of following their job descriptions exactly to fulfill the goal—to reduce errors and become a profitable clinic.

Each table went through this didactic exercise to experience how it would feel to take a patient through a clinic. The exercise guided the teams through directly experiencing errors by posing challenges. For example, the instructions specified that for the entirety of the workshop each person had to write in all CAPS or it was considered an error that needed to be redone. Working as a team, small incremental steps were taken to remedy the situation. Jen Zeller, Intereum’s A&D Market Manager, explained how these steps helped to, “Drive home the point of a continuous improvement of environment. It also drove home the point that quality control is everyone’s responsibility.”

Although only a two hour workshop, the main take away from the Lean Simulation was unambiguous, encompassing the strong correlation between design and performance. Only in truly adaptive environments—environments intentionally designed for change—can cultivate cultures of continuous improvement. Planning and designing for the changing future will be the only way to facilitate and reap the benefits of the Lean process.

photo 4

photo 3[1]

photo 3[2]

Since 1996 when automaker Toyota’s consulting group was implemented, Herman Miller exclusively partnered with Toyota and continues to apply Lean philosophies into every step of their work. With a consistent relationship for 17 years, Herman Miller has fostered the Lean idea of continuous improvement through their research and development, the factory floor and business practices. Together, Intereum and Herman Miller implement the Lean philosophies throughout the installation, design and order entry process to increase efficiency and satisfaction.


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While others were bundling up by the fire on some of Minnesota’s bone chilling winter days, Intereum’s Education Sales Representative, Kim Sorenson, was either preparing for a skate-ski race, going to watch her 17-year-old son compete in snowboarding, or going for a leisurely snow shoe hike with her 15-year-old daughter. With passions in design and sales, the education market, skiing, biking, mountain biking and her two children, Nick and Danielle, Kim has earned this week’s spotlight due to her hard work, dedication, and passion in everything she does.

Kim recently joined Intereum in November 2013, coming from a Director of Interior Design position at ATS&R Architects. Through both ATS&R and Intereum, Kim has focused on the K-12 Education Market along with a small mix of the Higher Education Market. With a breadth of knowledge gained from about twenty years within the field, she works continuously to develop the K-12 market by building different client bases and bringing on new clients. Kim believes her job isn’t simply designing new spaces for communities; she believes her responsibility is to create collaborative spaces for end users that holds high value and bring the communities closer together. Drawing inspiration from her clients, Kim’s favorite aspect of her position is to develop the stages of creating a new space with the client, from the early design and schematic development to designing the space with the client and specifying furniture and finishes. Kim thoroughly enjoys designing spaces that support 21st century learning philosophies while working under tight budgets to fulfill each school district’s growing educational demands and needs.

Kim Abu Dahbi

Kim working in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi

When she’s not in the office, Kim is actively participating in a variety of activities and spending time with her two children.

During the summer Kim loves to bike and can be found biking with the Plymouth Lifetime Fitness Club, participating in Hillfest in Prescott, Wisconsin, a muddy race in Lutsen, bike marshaling in the Lifetime Kid’s Triathlon, and later on this summer, riding in the Tour de Tonka. With a passion for swimming and running, Kim has also participated in a mix of triathlons with friends. Yet with all the dedication to training and the long hours spent swimming, running and biking in preparation, Kim decided to focus only on bike races this summer in order to spend time on activities that she and the kids can enjoy together. For instance, later on this summer, Kim, Nick and Danielle have a few trips planned. The three will be taking a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado where they will revel in the beautiful scenery and trails that Colorado has to offer. Nick and Danielle (alongside their mother) love to mountain bike on the Pump Tracks, hike in the mountains and–hopefully this year–enjoy the tree line from above on a zip line. Soon after the trip to Breckenridge, Nick, Danielle, and Kim will take a trip to Split Rock where they will camp out under the stars!

Kim and Friend Hillfest Kim Lutsen Kim Lutsen Race

In the Fall and Winter–with a love for nature and the outdoors–Kim is at home riding her mountain bike or going skate-skiing on the great paths, hills and trails of Minnesota.

Kim’s oldest child Nick will be a senior this year which begins the college whirlwind! Nick competes in snowboarding nationally and hopes to continue pursuing his passion in college. This desire has drawn Nick to look into attending either the University of Colorado-Boulder or the University of Utah. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Nick plans to become a part of the Armstrong Cycle Club at his high school. Kim’s daughter Danielle will be going into her Sophomore year and will continue to play travel fast-pitch softball, snowboard and bike with her mom.

Kim, Nick, Snowboarding Danielle Softball Danielle snowboarding

Together this year, Kim, Nick and Danielle participated in Green Apple Day of Service in conjunction with USGBC/HGA Architects. Along with the group and the Minneapolis community, the three donated their time and efforts to the local suppliers and community to upgrade Lighthouse Academy of Nations in Northeast, Minneapolis. Nick, Danielle and Kim helped to clean, paint, and lay carpet and tile. These small communal projects help to give parents, teachers, students and companies the chance to help in the transformation of local schools. Kim’s passion for the K-12 education market extends outside the office where she is continuing to help create functional, safe learning environments for children.

Green Day of Service

What’s next on Kim’s bucket list? To complete a Century bike race–or in other words–a bike race that is 100 miles long! Recovering from an ankle injury she suffered in the Lutsen race, Kim says that the Century bike race will be realistically completed within the next year. With such determination, perseverance, passion and skill, Kim is an inspiration to clients, her children, and each of us at Intereum in and outside the office! Thank you for all you do, Kim!

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Yesterday, Herman Miller made a huge announcement expressing their excitement in welcoming Design Within Reach, Inc. (DWR) to the family. DWR, a Stamford, Connecticut based marketer and retailer of modern furniture, lighting and accessories, will actively assist in the transformation of the diversified growth strategy and brand ambitions of Herman Miller. Within Herman Miller, DWR’s CEO, John Edelman, and President, John McPhee, will sustain their positions leading the business while reporting to Brian Walker, Herman Miller’s CEO. After the agreement closes on July 28th, both Edelman and McPhee will convert their remaining ownership interest in DWR for an 8.5% ownership stake in Herman Miller’s consumer business unit.

DWR came to be in 1999, when Rob Forbes attempted to furnish his small apartment in London. He found that the work of designers Saarinen, Eames and Bertoia were hardly attainable for customers who did not want to wait for months to receive their collection pieces. Thus in 1999, Design Within Reach launched with a mission to make the best in modern design obtainable to the public. Fifteen years later, joining Herman Miller, DWR is North America’s largest premium retailer of authored modern design with 38 studio locations in both Canada and the U.S., a pristine catalog, and an e-commerce presence. Working with a long list of established clients including consumers, architects, schools, restaurants, and small businesses, and hosting management with a breadth of knowledge within the industry, DWR will top Herman Miller’s list for the largest and fastest growing retailer of their furniture collections.

In a shared statement Edelman and McPhee of DWR, said, “We are thrilled to be joining the Herman Miller family. We’ve worked closely with the company and its leadership for many years and have great respect for their approach to business and people. We also share a passion for great design and making a difference in the world. This combination will enable us to accelerate our mission to make great, authentic modern design accessible.” They continued, “We represent a portfolio of the greatest modern designs from around the world. This portfolio, supported by our passionate sales and operations teams, anchors a unique value proposition focused on helping our customers create a modern life. We are excited to continue this journey with the resources and energy of Herman Miller behind us.”

Brian Walker, Herman Miller’s CEO, said, “The addition of DWR is a transformational step forward in realizing our strategy for diversified growth and establishing Herman Miller as a premier lifestyle brand, helping people create inspiring places where they work, live, heal and learn. This combination expands our reach in the higher margin consumer sector and we have identified multiple points of strategic leverage that will benefit our other segments and operations, as well as DWR’s own growth plans.”

Walker continued, “In addition to enhancing Herman Miller’s brand visibility, we gain access to DWR’s growing and exclusive product portfolio and proven development capabilities. This offers further benefit to our commercial workplace market and beyond. Additionally we are acquiring a complete consumer-focused infrastructure and an experienced and committed leadership team and workforce that truly values Herman Miller’s design legacy. That leadership team will skillfully advance our consumer business while DWR gains new resources to further their growth plans. In short, we believe this acquisition dramatically advances our strategic interests and benefits customers, our business partners, and shareholders.”

DWR Logo

HM logo


Congratulations to both Herman Miller and Design Within Reach, Inc.! We are so excited to see what comes next.


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Bridge Picture

On Friday, July 11th, an event encompassing the true collective love of Minneapolis will occur at the Hennepin Theatre Trust in Minneapolis. This event–TedX Hennepin Avenue–will host five speakers native to the Minneapolis community who will share their incredible personal stories and noteworthy ideas in an intimate theatre setting. The theme for this TedX is “The Bridge”, an idea that represents Minneapolis’ bridge for ideas and inspirations that derive from the people of the various communities. Therefore, TedX Hennepin Ave will help to bridge the gaps between the Minneapolis communities including the cultural, technological, creative, inventive, and artistic communities.  Not only is this event unique for it’s abstract theme, Intereum is proud to sponsor TedX Hennepin Avenue by providing the lounge furniture.

TED is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting, creating and providing ‘Ideas Worth Sharing’ through videos, events and presentations. In comparison, TedX is a program designed to capture and engage local communities through Ted-like talks. TedX and TED seek two different audiences while focusing on parallel focuses–to share innovative, influential ideas. TedX is an independently organized communal event that helps to assist communities, organizations and individuals to start a conversation and draw connections through the experience. With such a community centered focus, we are thrilled to be a part of such an event that encourages a sense of community and collaboration through local ideas and inspirations. TedX Hennepin Ave allows Intereum the opportunity to enhance this vibrant sense of community collaboration by providing classic Eames, Herman Miller, and other lounge pieces. These lounge pieces will reinforce the bridging of the gaps between the multitude of Minneapolis communities by bringing the artists, inventors, creatives, technology savvy and culturally diverse people together to a common, communal ground.

This community event will feature five Minnesotan speakers including:

- Mohamed Farah, Executive Director at Kajoog and leader among the Somali young people in Minneapolis.

- Nic Askew, Poet Film Maker of Soul Biographies

- Laura Zabel, Executive Director at Springboard for the Arts.

- Kristen Murray, Program Developer at Center for Urban and Regional Affairs and leader of their civic technology incubator Cura:tech.

- Margaret Anderson Kelliher, President and CEO of Minnesota High Tech Association.


Mohamed, Nic, Laura, Kristen and Margaret.

New Century Theatre

The Hennepin Theatre Trust- New Century Theatre

TedX Word

 Partners List

TEDx title

Post TedX Hennepin Ave Update:

With 270 attendees, five local speakers and Intereum’s collaborative lounge furniture pieces, TedX Hennepin was very successful. Seen below, attendees relaxed comfortably with beverages and appetizers prior to the first speaker. Intereum’s furniture provided an environment promoting conversation and collaboration which helped stimulate the purpose of the TedX event—spreading local ideas and inspirations that are worth sharing. Ideas such as technology, civic issues, social issues, race, diversity, relations and each of their impacts on Minneapolis were covered through the knowledgeable speakers at TedX Hennepin Ave.

1 2 3 4


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Earlier this year, a popular Herman Miller product had an experience unlike any other office chair. The Mirra 2, with a few of us in tow, enjoyed a thrilling day exploring some of the newest and most exciting places around Minneapolis and St. Paul. The first stop on the exciting journey included a trip to the newly reestablished Union Depot. Yet not only did the Mirra 2 simply marvel at the beautifully restored Union Depot from the outside, Mirra 2 reveled in a joyride on the pristine tile flooring (although we may have enjoyed it most).





Following a visit to the Union Depot, we travelled a few miles north to the Ford Center in Minneapolis which revealed a breathtaking view onto a snowy Mississippi River. Whilst meandering the halls of the Ford Center, the Mirra 2 indulged us in some individual periods of relaxation and as pictured below, perfect Kodak moments.

Mirra 8

Mirra 7

Mirra 2 Expo

Mirra 2 Expo 2

To end the expo of the Mirra 2 in the Twin Cities, a high class and luxurious meal was enjoyed at Murray’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis.

 Mirra 9

Mirra 10

Although the expo provided us with many candid photo opportunities, we had a wonderful day enjoying the Mirra 2’s ergonomic build. This chair however, isn’t simply created to enhance a space with a comfortable and supportive seat– the Mirra 2 is constructed to respond to the movement of the user and move with them. With such an ergonomically friendly chair and two beautiful cities, we enjoyed a day with the amazing Mirra 2.

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The Merchandise Mart was bustling June 9th through June 11th with an estimated 40,000 attendees inspecting the intricate work of about 750 exhibitors for NeoCon 2014. NeoCon allows companies such as Herman Miller, Bernhardt, Nucraft, Geiger, DIRTT and many more to unveil their newest and most innovative products in a three day organized showcase. Therefore, sit back, relax and let’s recap the new products of the exciting NeoCon 2014!

Herman Miller

Glancing back to 2013, Herman Miller debuted The Living Office, a concept that helps us create places where we want to go to work.  At this year’s show, Herman Miller described six key work motivations that we all need. Appropriately titled ‘Fundamental to All’ , the six key work motivations of a Living Office include security, autonomy, belonging, achievement, status and purpose, which are ideas that encompass important work experiences such as individual, group, cognitive and physical experiences. These particular ideas were derived from informed philosophers, psychologists and primary research. This concept relating to the Living Office and Fundamental to All could be observed in the beautifully crafted Living Office Landscape put together by Herman Miller at NeoCon 2014.

EN_NEO_P_20140620_020_G EN_NEO_P_20140620_019_G

Among these new pieces was Silver Award Winning Healthcare Furniture from Herman Miller Healthcare, Palisade. The Palisade Collection (pictured below) allows for a relaxed and responsive setting which promotes a connection between the patient, friends and family thus creating a sense of comfort and belonging. Congratulations to  Herman Miller and Herman Miller Healthcare for winning two awards at this year’s NeoCon 2014!


Palisade Collection Silver Winner



Herman Miller Awards



The concept of a Living Office was portrayed in a Plaza setting for Geiger’s showroom which blew viewers away with two rolled arm sofas, domino storage and loophole tables which create a space that is not only welcoming, but functional, inviting and promotional of a comfortable and collaborative environment.

Rolled Arm Sofa, Loophole Tables, Domino Storage




DIRTT unveiled their new change in perspective called the Enzo Approach at this years DIRTT Chicago 2014. “Modular interiors have historically looked impermanent or temporary because of how they were designed and built,” said DIRTT President Scott Jenkins. “Enzo is a profoundly different approach that builds on the core DIRTT framework and provides a significantly greater increase in design freedom.” Therefore through this new perspective, DIRTT has been shifting their perspective in order to reconceive the idea of Rapid Construction. Alongside such an innovative idea like Enzo, DIRTT also included something in their healthcare showroom that combines innovation and health. Hygreen is a system tailored specifically to specialists who work in hospitals and the field of healthcare. Hygreen reminds these specialists to wash their hands before approaching a patient. The device not only reminds each healthcare provider to wash their hands, it records and documents each hand washing event. It also enables specialists in the healthcare field to provide their services without passing along harmful diseases.

d_20140608_085500 d_20140608_083348







This year at the 2014 NeoCon event, Bernhardt introduced the Mitt, a chair that is based on the form of a baseball glove. This particular design encourages two main purposes; the first being comfort. Mitt offers a more relaxed design which permits the user to sit in various positions comfortably. Second, Mitt provides easy mobility. The tailored leather handle on the back and the weight locking casters makes this chair perfect for individual, group or work settings.


Bernhardt Mitt Chair 1 Bernhardt Mitt Chair 2


Nucraft recorded two awards at NeoCon 2014 with a Gold Award for conference room furniture (Kai Conference Table) and a Silver Award for collaborative collections (Tesano). These two pieces coincide with Nucraft’s promise of sustainability to the planet. Each piece utilizes the material in a sustainable, sleek and sophisticated way.Kai Nucraft Conference Room Furniture Tesano Nucraft Collaborative Collection



Davis, among many others, also had a successful debut at the NeoCon 2014 showcase. Modo won the Gold Award for the category Seating: Benches with its timeless and simple design that can fill the need of nearly any company or entity, ranging from a café to an office space. The Modo’s shape is perfect for just about any space because it aids in the sense of belonging and community. As described by Davis, Modo is the perfect building block for any company looking to refurnish.

The Modo 2

The Modo 1


OFS/First Office

OFS/First office won two top tier awards this year at NeoCon 2014, including First Office’s Intermix Work which won gold in flexible office solutions and CSD Studio for OFS received the most votes overall in the category of small collaboration. However, a new launch of the collection Re: by OFS created a buzz, winning an honoree award in the large collaboration category. As described by OFS Brands, Re: spawned from the changing needs and disciplines within the modern workplace. Re: workstations allow for individualistic work while engaging a sense of community. Along with the communal idea, the main goal of the Re: collection is to be able to repurpose the pieces, maintain a reliable work space and diminish the need to purchase new office work station pieces throughout the duration of the work space’s lifetime.

OFS Brands Re Collection OFS Re Collection OFS 2


Last but not least, Keilhauer was found among those at NeoCon 2014. Keilhauer emphasizes the idea that the body wants to move. Research surrounding this idea found that men and women tend to sit in different ways. Therefore, in order to satisfy both the needs of men and women, a new chair titled ‘Lo’ by Keilhauer was introduced at NeoCon 2014. This chair is exciting and different because it rests inches above the ground, perfect for the ‘lounge meeting height’ tables of 26 inches. “We’ve known for a long time that meetings don’t always occur at a desk-height meeting table, in a suitably corresponding office chair,” says Mike Keilhauer, President of Keilhauer.  “To address these different meeting styles, we’ve developed tables at different heights, but we’ve also designed seating that accommodates the different postures and behaviours we’ve witnessed in the workplace, when people meet spontaneously, or informally.  Lo, this delightful and comfortable floor cushion, is our newest addition to this quirky family.”  Lo emphasizes a more casual and comfortable business meeting whilst accommodating both genders.

Keilhauer- Lo 2

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