Get Ready: NeoCon and MinneCon 2015

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NeoCon 2015 is less than a week away – what do we expect to see this year? Keep reading to find out.

Herman Miller

When you first walk into NeoCon, the Chadwick Modular Seating system will be there to greet you. Chadwick is a special piece in which Herman Miller has entered into the Best of NeoCon category for 2015. With five movable units, Chadwick is the most versatile and durable lounge seating option on the market. Arrange and rearrange Chadwick into an individual seat, a small sofa or a large couch to accommodate your space and individual needs.

Chadwick Modular Seating HMI closer

The Herman Miller display will also be hosting the Eames molded stools. Created by Charles and Ray Eames, the molded stool comes in several veneers along with two height options. The Eames molded stool provides comfort that forms to each body in any place.

Eames Molded stool closer

Herman Miller will also welcome the Distil Desk and Table at NeoCon 2015. Distil marries elegance and technological integration with soft edges and beautifully molded plywood. Distil also simply conceals devices and chargers while keeping them close for easy use. Laminate-lined storage units mount on the left or right side for quick stowaways.

Distil Table 1

Another exciting product that will be seen at NeoCon 2015 is the Metaform Portfolio. With lightweight, movable blocks, the Metaform portfolio can be reconfigured in seconds to restructure your space. The blocks fit together perfectly, come apart, and rearrange.

Metaform Portfolio HMI 2 closer

Herman Miller Healthcare/Nemschoff

This year at NeoCon 2015, Herman Miller Healthcare/Nemschoff will be displaying the Palisade Collection. Palisade encourages family and friends to participate and connect with patients throughout the healing process. The Flop Sofa incorporated into the Palisade Collection is designed for 24 hour use by converting quickly from sitting area to sleeping surface. Integrated technology, optional lighting and various features support the needs of various individuals.

Palisade Collection Nemschoff

Nemschoff will also be showcasing Terra Casegoods. Created for the treatment area, Terra provides components that support a multitude of healthcare applications. Terra is adjustable, efficient and diverse to satisfy the needs of caregivers, patients or families.

Terra Casegoods Nemschoff


At NeoCon 2015, Geiger will be highlighting the sophisticated Tuxedo Component Lounge. The Tuxedo Component Lounge incorporates elegantly tall steel legs along with a low structure. Like a classic tuxedo, the component lounge is elegant and proportioned just right for comfort. With a full array of configurations from an ottoman and club chair to full-size corner sectional, the Tuxedo Component Lounge is a simple, architectural arrangement that fits any space.

Geiger Tuxedo Component Couch

Geiger will also be showcasing the MP Table. The MP table is designed on a crisply proportioned platform of metal columns while supporting a wide range of work/life situations. With four available heights, the MP Table works as a side table, personal table desk, lounge-height work surface, conference table and café table.

MP table 1

Alongside the MP table and Tuxedo Component Lounge, the Crosshatch Chair will be seen at NeoCon 2015. Crosshatch utilizes minimal materials to construct a simple, classic profile. With crosshatched parachute cords, the Crosshatch Chair supplies the necessary back support while adjusting to fit the comfort needs of a breadth of users.

Clear crosshatch chair image

MAI Alur

MAI Alur walls

MAI Alur will be exhibiting their new Alur wall options for 2015. What’s new about MAI Alur’s wall systems for 2015?

Soft Close Mechanism: Soft close sliding door mechanism features a pneumatic cylinder to gently close the door for improved function and convenience.

Hinge Door: Frameless hinge door features sleek, ADA compliant hinges and sound seals on all four sides to provide optimal sound attenuation.

Wood Door: Solid core wood door features MAI premium wood grain laminates or custom stain to match veneer finishes and a heavy duty offset pivot to provide an exceptionally smooth door operation.

Top Locking Ladder Pull: Locking ladder pull features an ADA compliant top locking mechanism and is available in two sizes for doors up to 9′ high and doors over 9′ to 10′ high.

Convenience Options: New convenience options feature an innovative top frame mounted roller catch for hold close function and a magnetic door catch for hold open function.


MinneCon 2015

MinneCon big banner

A month following NeoCon, we hope to see you at MinneCon on July 16th. Make sure to keep an eye out for Intereum and Herman Miller!

Herman Miller, one of the sponsors of MinneCon 2015, will also be providing a continental breakfast alongside CEU, “Scenarios 2018”, which will be presented by Paula Edwards, a Herman Miller expert in commercial interior design and facilities management.

Scenarios 2018, one of the most exciting upcoming CEU presentations, will explore the unpredictable future and how our decisions now are affecting how well our workplace will support workers of tomorrow. Paula Edwards’s interactive session will utilize scenario thinking to present three scenarios and the resulting conclusions about how work will change through 2018. The scenarios are intended to support deeper thinking and to imagine how in turn, the workplace might change to support the future.

Paula will share her expertise and insight with Minnesota CEUS at MinneCon 2015 from 7 to 8 am. Click here for registration information. And click to register for Scenarios 2018 and events here.

Paula Edwards

CEUs at MinneCon 2015

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Behind the Scenes: IIDA’s Fusion+Fashion 2014

Friday October 3rd marked IIDA Northland‘s 9th annual fashion charity event Fusion+Fashion! This year’s Fusion+Fashion event proved to be a huge success complete with lavish costumes, intricate hairstyles and wonderful celebrity judges. The theme this year was Get Amplified!, where teams created a runway fashion look based on musical venues across the globe. Venues included First Avenue in Minneapolis, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, Intereum’s Le Theatre Antique D’Orange in Orange, France and many more.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.31.04 AM

The IIDA Northland Chapter‘s mission is to promote and enhance the Interior Design industry and profession. Through communal professional development activities, the IIDA Northland Chapter works to serve the community and give to those involved in Interior Design. Thus, the Fusion+Fashion event provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the IIDA Northland Chapter while giving back to the community. From the Fusion+Fashion event 30% of proceeds were distributed into the Education Fund. This fund assists professional development of IIDA members within the Northland Chapter region to open opportunity, deepen involvement within the design community, and grow as an Interior Design professional.

Based on the Get Amplifed! theme, our Intereum team put their heads together to create a beautiful look drawing inspiration from Le Theatre Antique D’Orange‘s tiered seating, the metal truss running above the stage, the grandeur stage and the stunning operatic character that could be seen performing in such a venue. From top to bottom Le Theatre Antique D’Orange was portrayed using Herman Miller laminate, Maharam textile, silk, lace, and wood.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.25.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.27.59 PM

For the model (myself) and our wonderful hair and makeup artist Heather Walling, the preparation for Fusion+Fashion started at 11 a.m. sharp. We began working on the makeup that would not only capture the audience, but would enhance the theme surrounding Le Theatre Antique D’Orange. With sharp reds, sparkling silvers, bold eyelashes and baby doll lips, the look came together seamlessly to create the operatic figure we envisioned. After finishing makeup, we faced a bigger challenge: the big operatic hair. Luckily with a few bobby pins (only about 90), two decorative pumpkins, and my long hair, the look came together. Heather enhanced the look with intricate braids, red hair spray and the decorative silver truss.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.28.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.39.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.16.14 PM

After hair and makeup, we arrived at Orchestra Hall, which provided an incredible venue with high ceilings and angled acoustics for the perfect sound. In the atrium prior to the runway show, Intereum and Herman Miller hosted a wonderful prelude party complete with tasty hors d’oeuvres, a photographer, drinks and music.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.26.55 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.27.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.27.33 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.27.09 PM

With final touches done, the costume fit snug and a successful interview complete, it was time to hit the runway. Sleek Seeyond Select walls (provided by Intereum) lined the edges of the stage as I entered the runway, concealing me from an eager audience. Cheers from the Intereum team were easily decipherable as I walked the runway under the bright lights of the Orchestra Hall.  The pictures of each of the beautiful models walking the runway, getting ready behind the scenes and posing on stage can be seen here: Fusion+Fashion pictures 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 6.45.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.25.18 PM

Thank you to the IIDA Northland Chapter for putting on such a wonderful event! And most importantly, thank you to the amazing Intereum team who spent weeks putting this amazing look together – you are all so talented and wonderful! It truly was a night to remember.

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Maharam: The Expert Collaborator

Founded in 1902 by Russian immigrant Louis Maharam, Maharam Design Studio expanded and became a company working strictly in theatrical costume and set designs in the 1930s-1940s. However in the ’60s, Maharam discovered their niche in designing performance-driven textiles for commercial interiors. For over fifty years now (and one year as a part of Herman Miller), Maharam continuously creates designs suited for commercial and residential interiors. Before joining the Herman Miller family, Michael and Stephen Maharam stood as fourth generation owners. Yet at this time, the company’s focus was aimed more toward Architectural & Design firms. Thus a shift in focus spurred a new culture within Maharam with design as the cornerstone. With a focused brand message, Maharam embraces a breadth of disciplines ranging from product, graphic, and digital design to art and architecture which coincides seamlessly with Herman Miller’s values and passion for quality products and results.

maharam logo 1

Louis Maharam

Throughout Maharam’s dominant journey in the commercial and residential design industries, Maharam has worked with some widely known and talented designers: Paul Smith, Hella Jongerius, Irving Harper, and Konstantin Grcic. Alongside these designers, Maharam works closely with A4 Studio who has assisted in building Maharam’s visual identity. A4 Studio designs Maharam’s cards, invitations, notecards, iPad home screens, Maharam’s own personazlied font and many other things.

Paul Smith

As a fashion designer with a keen eye for trends and fashion, it is no surprise that Paul Smith took interest in Maharam’s designs. He quickly took action and began to incorporate some of Maharam’s designs into his clothing lines. When described by others, Paul Smith is a fashion designer who creates designs that encompass the idea of ‘classic with a twist.’ Paul enjoys creating pieces that are perfect for any occasion but are more than meets the eye. For example, Paul creates men’s blazers that are perfect for a night out, a business meeting or wedding reception. The outside is sleek and sophisticated while the inside tells a different story. He chooses diverse and fun patterns that are not usually seen inside a men’s blazer to keep them original and whimsical.

Paul Smith Designer

Paul Smith Design

Hella Jongerius

After graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven (the Netherlands) in 1993, Hella joined the design industry. Early in her career her designs were produced by a Dutch design collective Droog. Hella Jongerius’ design style prefers imperfection to create an original piece and an eclectic feel. Working with textiles, furniture and ceramics, Hella has incorporated her artisanal style into the industrial process—giving each design a unique touch.

Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius Design

Irving Harper

Irving Harper, recently celebrating his 98th birthday, has exuded an extraordinary talent for paper sculptures throughout his design career. In 2013 Irving collaborated with Herman Miller and Maharam to produce literature highlighting the intricate details and delicacy of both his talent and creations. With over 300 paper sculptures of various sizes within his home, Irving relented the idea that these paper sculptures represent an outlet for stress relief from about 1964 up until 2005 when his home couldn’t fit anymore.  According to Maharam, it is evident that at age 98 Irving is, “still young at heart” with a vibrant imagination.

Irving Harper


Konstantin Grcic

Konstantin Grcic is an industrial designer with a passion for both technology and materials, and a strict discipline in careful design and architecture research. Currently with Maharam, Konstantin has been designing bags alongside his textiles, furniture, lighting and other requests by clients.

Konstantin Grcic Konstantin Bag

Maharam also made an appearance at NeoCon 2014–a huge event for the company. This year at NeoCon, Maharam debuted their entrance into the rug market by displaying new rugs along with their textiles and designs. Regarding their show floor,  Maharam stated that they prefer to let the product speak for itself by showing the least amount of items at their best advantage.

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Employee Spotlight: Kim Sorenson

While others were bundling up by the fire on some of Minnesota’s bone chilling winter days, Intereum’s Education Sales Representative, Kim Sorenson, was either preparing for a skate-ski race, going to watch her 17-year-old son compete in snowboarding, or going for a leisurely snow shoe hike with her 15-year-old daughter. With passions in design and sales, the education market, skiing, biking, mountain biking and her two children, Nick and Danielle, Kim has earned this week’s spotlight due to her hard work, dedication, and passion in everything she does.

Kim recently joined Intereum in November 2013, coming from a Director of Interior Design position at ATS&R Architects. Through both ATS&R and Intereum, Kim has focused on the K-12 Education Market along with a small mix of the Higher Education Market. With a breadth of knowledge gained from about twenty years within the field, she works continuously to develop the K-12 market by building different client bases and bringing on new clients. Kim believes her job isn’t simply designing new spaces for communities; she believes her responsibility is to create collaborative spaces for end users that holds high value and bring the communities closer together. Drawing inspiration from her clients, Kim’s favorite aspect of her position is to develop the stages of creating a new space with the client, from the early design and schematic development to designing the space with the client and specifying furniture and finishes. Kim thoroughly enjoys designing spaces that support 21st century learning philosophies while working under tight budgets to fulfill each school district’s growing educational demands and needs.

Kim Abu Dahbi

Kim working in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi

When she’s not in the office, Kim is actively participating in a variety of activities and spending time with her two children.

During the summer Kim loves to bike and can be found biking with the Plymouth Lifetime Fitness Club, participating in Hillfest in Prescott, Wisconsin, a muddy race in Lutsen, bike marshaling in the Lifetime Kid’s Triathlon, and later on this summer, riding in the Tour de Tonka. With a passion for swimming and running, Kim has also participated in a mix of triathlons with friends. Yet with all the dedication to training and the long hours spent swimming, running and biking in preparation, Kim decided to focus only on bike races this summer in order to spend time on activities that she and the kids can enjoy together. For instance, later on this summer, Kim, Nick and Danielle have a few trips planned. The three will be taking a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado where they will revel in the beautiful scenery and trails that Colorado has to offer. Nick and Danielle (alongside their mother) love to mountain bike on the Pump Tracks, hike in the mountains and–hopefully this year–enjoy the tree line from above on a zip line. Soon after the trip to Breckenridge, Nick, Danielle, and Kim will take a trip to Split Rock where they will camp out under the stars!

Kim and Friend Hillfest Kim Lutsen Kim Lutsen Race

In the Fall and Winter–with a love for nature and the outdoors–Kim is at home riding her mountain bike or going skate-skiing on the great paths, hills and trails of Minnesota.

Kim’s oldest child Nick will be a senior this year which begins the college whirlwind! Nick competes in snowboarding nationally and hopes to continue pursuing his passion in college. This desire has drawn Nick to look into attending either the University of Colorado-Boulder or the University of Utah. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Nick plans to become a part of the Armstrong Cycle Club at his high school. Kim’s daughter Danielle will be going into her Sophomore year and will continue to play travel fast-pitch softball, snowboard and bike with her mom.

Kim, Nick, Snowboarding Danielle Softball Danielle snowboarding

Together this year, Kim, Nick and Danielle participated in Green Apple Day of Service in conjunction with USGBC/HGA Architects. Along with the group and the Minneapolis community, the three donated their time and efforts to the local suppliers and community to upgrade Lighthouse Academy of Nations in Northeast, Minneapolis. Nick, Danielle and Kim helped to clean, paint, and lay carpet and tile. These small communal projects help to give parents, teachers, students and companies the chance to help in the transformation of local schools. Kim’s passion for the K-12 education market extends outside the office where she is continuing to help create functional, safe learning environments for children.

Green Day of Service

What’s next on Kim’s bucket list? To complete a Century bike race–or in other words–a bike race that is 100 miles long! Recovering from an ankle injury she suffered in the Lutsen race, Kim says that the Century bike race will be realistically completed within the next year. With such determination, perseverance, passion and skill, Kim is an inspiration to clients, her children, and each of us at Intereum in and outside the office! Thank you for all you do, Kim!

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Canvas Office Landscape: Choice. Harmony. Connection.

Canvas Office Landscape

Canvas Office Landscape

Herman Miller’s Canvas Office Landscape is designed for today but will evolve for tomorrow.  Canvas is a holistic work environment that brings choice, harmony and connection to organizations and their spaces.  Canvas is a holistic perspective on work environments: it’s the next step for Vivo and Intent with ongoing design development.

Canvas Office Landscape Private Office Application

Canvas Office Landscape Private Office Application

Herman Miller understands that you want more and less, “More connection, more collaboration, more technology, more transparency, more flexibility, and more consistency.  Less real estate, less formality, less hassle, and less impact on the environment.”  Canvas is designed to encompass these needs and is a “kit of parts” that can accommodate many needs from private offices to open plans.  A variety of design is possible through combinations of finishes and colors. 

Canvas Office Landscape Open Plan

Canvas Office Landscape Open Plan

Some highlights of the Canvas solution:

  • Diverse and nimble design to respond to varying needs
  • Ability to lower horizon planes allowing more natural light throughout the space
  • Can move to an open plan allowing for privacy or openness
  • Bring existing Vivo and Intent installations forward as work continues to evolve
  • Allows for more teamwork and collaborative areas that build interaction, dialogue and contact
  • Supports business and people in a natural, balanced way
  • Aligns with Herman Miller’s belief that facilities are based on change

We have two new installations of Canvas in our Showroom.  Stop in and experience it for yourself!

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Enhancing Safety Through Design

Zeeland Community Hospital Emergency Department

Zeeland Community Hospital Emergency Department

Kerrie Cardon, RN, AIA, ACHA, spoke at Intereum last week about Enhancing Safety Through Design in Healthcare environments.  She is a Registered Nurse and a Registered Architect recruited by Herman Miller to research healthcare environments and share her findings with Healthcare Providers, Designers, Planners and Architects.  She travels across the country delivering CEU’s.  Below are some takeaways from the Enhancing Safety Through Design CEU she delivered last week:

Zeeland Community Hospital Emergency Department

Zeeland Community Hospital Emergency Department

“The buildings that we are building and planning today really do impact safety” – Kerrie Cardon

Single Bed Rooms allow patient privacy, higher occupancy, fewer transfers, improved infection control and a family support zone.  This is good for the patient and their families, but it increases staff travel distances according to Kerrie.  Couple this with the fact that supplies are centralized and decentralized, our Nurses walk 1-5 miles per day/shift.  Kerrie job-shadows Nurses to observe behavior, and she notices that Nurses don’t get a change to rest as they are always on their feet.  Kerrie suggests having nursing needs located in or close to patient rooms to reduce foot travel. Example: Storing medications in locked drawers in patient rooms or mobile carts with locking drawers.  She also suggests that for standardization compliance, try to have everything at the Nurse’s fingertips so they don’t skip steps.  Example: Utilizing mobile carts and mobile workstations. 

Mobile Technology Carts

Mobile Technology Carts

The mobile workstation allows for fewer footsteps to be taken each shift.    Nurses can work anywhere.  The mobile workstation also allows for changes in technology.  “Flexible planning dictates multi-use space vs. single-use space” Kerrie reminds.  When designing workstations, keep in mind the use of adjustable-height worksurfaces to accommodate different-sized employees (this is especially relevant with the increased amount of men entering the nursing field). 

CoStruc System Caregiver Height Adj Alcove Application

CoStruc System Caregiver Height Adj Alcove Application

Simple things to keep in mind when designing:

  • Proper lighting is essential at the point of care – especially when 40% of Nurses are over the age of 50
  • Overhead storage can be dangerous – consider the use of mobile carts
  • 83% of Nurses work with back pain, and back injuries cost about $16B/year.  Providing lift equipment in as many places as possible allows quicker, easier access to maximize compliance.  This means allocating more space for equipment since lifts don’t have a small footprint.
  • Getting patients  to walk around is essential – they heal faster, but it increases the risk of injury.  Adding placed of rest throughout the corridor where patients can have a place to rest when walking around will increase their willingness to move about.

For more information about Kerrie, her information or to learn how you can attend a CEU next time she is in town, contact us

Unframed: Herman Miller’s SAYL Chair

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

Herman Miller SAYL Chair

We’ve been excited for the new Herman Miller and Yves Béhar’s SAYL chair for a long time now.  It’s been three years in the making!  Yes, the chair is a comfy, ergonomic sit.  Yes, the chair is highly affordable.  Yes, the chair has Herman Miller’s comprehensive 12-year, 3-shift parts and labor warranty.  But it’s the chair’s suspension bridge inspired design that continues Herman Miller’s tradition of innovation.

Herman Miller's SAYL Chair

Herman Miller's SAYL Chair

Here’s what Herman Miller’s website has to say about the inspiration, “It was one of those aha! moments. Béhar wondered, could the engineering principles of a suspension bridge be applied to a chair? It turned out that, not only was it possible, but using a suspension tower to support an unframed back would reduce materials, weight, and environmental impact.”

Yves Behar and the SAYL Chair

Yves Behar and the SAYL Chair

Yves Béhar’s industrial design and branding firm, fuseproject, worked with Herman Miller to create and launch the SAYL chair.  Designed with a focus on minimalism, the SAYL chair is lighter, carries less of an environmental burden and is the lowest cost task chair that Herman Miller has to offer.  The SAYL chair is set apart by its frameless back structure.  The suspension tower design allows for end user flexibility and movement – they can move and twist throughout the workday while maintaining an ergonomic posture.  The back is available mid- or high-back and with many suspension materials.  There is a whole family of seating from task chairs to side chairs.

SAYL Side Chairs

SAYL Side Chairs

Stop into our Showroom for a cup of coffee and a sit.  You can make an appointment or just drop by.