Get Ready: NeoCon and MinneCon 2015

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NeoCon 2015 is less than a week away – what do we expect to see this year? Keep reading to find out.

Herman Miller

When you first walk into NeoCon, the Chadwick Modular Seating system will be there to greet you. Chadwick is a special piece in which Herman Miller has entered into the Best of NeoCon category for 2015. With five movable units, Chadwick is the most versatile and durable lounge seating option on the market. Arrange and rearrange Chadwick into an individual seat, a small sofa or a large couch to accommodate your space and individual needs.

Chadwick Modular Seating HMI closer

The Herman Miller display will also be hosting the Eames molded stools. Created by Charles and Ray Eames, the molded stool comes in several veneers along with two height options. The Eames molded stool provides comfort that forms to each body in any place.

Eames Molded stool closer

Herman Miller will also welcome the Distil Desk and Table at NeoCon 2015. Distil marries elegance and technological integration with soft edges and beautifully molded plywood. Distil also simply conceals devices and chargers while keeping them close for easy use. Laminate-lined storage units mount on the left or right side for quick stowaways.

Distil Table 1

Another exciting product that will be seen at NeoCon 2015 is the Metaform Portfolio. With lightweight, movable blocks, the Metaform portfolio can be reconfigured in seconds to restructure your space. The blocks fit together perfectly, come apart, and rearrange.

Metaform Portfolio HMI 2 closer

Herman Miller Healthcare/Nemschoff

This year at NeoCon 2015, Herman Miller Healthcare/Nemschoff will be displaying the Palisade Collection. Palisade encourages family and friends to participate and connect with patients throughout the healing process. The Flop Sofa incorporated into the Palisade Collection is designed for 24 hour use by converting quickly from sitting area to sleeping surface. Integrated technology, optional lighting and various features support the needs of various individuals.

Palisade Collection Nemschoff

Nemschoff will also be showcasing Terra Casegoods. Created for the treatment area, Terra provides components that support a multitude of healthcare applications. Terra is adjustable, efficient and diverse to satisfy the needs of caregivers, patients or families.

Terra Casegoods Nemschoff


At NeoCon 2015, Geiger will be highlighting the sophisticated Tuxedo Component Lounge. The Tuxedo Component Lounge incorporates elegantly tall steel legs along with a low structure. Like a classic tuxedo, the component lounge is elegant and proportioned just right for comfort. With a full array of configurations from an ottoman and club chair to full-size corner sectional, the Tuxedo Component Lounge is a simple, architectural arrangement that fits any space.

Geiger Tuxedo Component Couch

Geiger will also be showcasing the MP Table. The MP table is designed on a crisply proportioned platform of metal columns while supporting a wide range of work/life situations. With four available heights, the MP Table works as a side table, personal table desk, lounge-height work surface, conference table and café table.

MP table 1

Alongside the MP table and Tuxedo Component Lounge, the Crosshatch Chair will be seen at NeoCon 2015. Crosshatch utilizes minimal materials to construct a simple, classic profile. With crosshatched parachute cords, the Crosshatch Chair supplies the necessary back support while adjusting to fit the comfort needs of a breadth of users.

Clear crosshatch chair image

MAI Alur

MAI Alur walls

MAI Alur will be exhibiting their new Alur wall options for 2015. What’s new about MAI Alur’s wall systems for 2015?

Soft Close Mechanism: Soft close sliding door mechanism features a pneumatic cylinder to gently close the door for improved function and convenience.

Hinge Door: Frameless hinge door features sleek, ADA compliant hinges and sound seals on all four sides to provide optimal sound attenuation.

Wood Door: Solid core wood door features MAI premium wood grain laminates or custom stain to match veneer finishes and a heavy duty offset pivot to provide an exceptionally smooth door operation.

Top Locking Ladder Pull: Locking ladder pull features an ADA compliant top locking mechanism and is available in two sizes for doors up to 9′ high and doors over 9′ to 10′ high.

Convenience Options: New convenience options feature an innovative top frame mounted roller catch for hold close function and a magnetic door catch for hold open function.


MinneCon 2015

MinneCon big banner

A month following NeoCon, we hope to see you at MinneCon on July 16th. Make sure to keep an eye out for Intereum and Herman Miller!

Herman Miller, one of the sponsors of MinneCon 2015, will also be providing a continental breakfast alongside CEU, “Scenarios 2018”, which will be presented by Paula Edwards, a Herman Miller expert in commercial interior design and facilities management.

Scenarios 2018, one of the most exciting upcoming CEU presentations, will explore the unpredictable future and how our decisions now are affecting how well our workplace will support workers of tomorrow. Paula Edwards’s interactive session will utilize scenario thinking to present three scenarios and the resulting conclusions about how work will change through 2018. The scenarios are intended to support deeper thinking and to imagine how in turn, the workplace might change to support the future.

Paula will share her expertise and insight with Minnesota CEUS at MinneCon 2015 from 7 to 8 am. Click here for registration information. And click to register for Scenarios 2018 and events here.

Paula Edwards

CEUs at MinneCon 2015

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Save the Date: Summer is Coming

Memorial Weekend is here and that unofficially marks the start of summer! Taking this opportunity to welcome warmer weather also gives us a chance to share some very fun and important calendar dates for the months ahead.

Mirra 2 Home or Private Office  EnvironmentThe most talked about event in the industry, NeoCon, will be underway in Chicago from June 8 – 12. Herman Miller is making their exciting debut of the Mirra 2 chair and the new Living Office. If you don’t plan to attend – no worries – we will have a full recap to follow.

photo[4]Reverting back to MN for the next event in June is the MNCAR “10th Ever” Golf Tournament (bring back memories?). The tournament will be held at The Legends Golf Course on Tuesday, June 25th with the tee-off scheduled for 11:30. An Intereum crew will be there so be sure to visit with us at hole #16!

For those that are involved more on the healthcare side of work (whether as a designer, architect, facilities manager, student, etc), we want to invite you to our Healthcare CEU featuring Planetree’s story of healing environments that are centered on patient care. This is also on Tuesday, June 25th, beginning at 4:00 here at Intereum. Light appetizers and refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to Jen Zeller if you’re interested in attending: JZeller@intereum.com1

July will be sprinkled with various outings and events so be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what summer happenings we’ll be up to.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.20.38 AMAugust will get a running start with MinneCon on Thursday, August 1st at the Depot. Intereum will be exhibiting alongside Herman Miller for the day. There will be a great CEU from Herman Miller presented by Betty Hase on the topic of “Context for Creativity“. Betty will explore how the physical environment can facilitate or inhibit behaviors linked to creative function and innovation.  Also at MinneCon is the all-day event for students called Pique. This provides students with invaluable insight into the world of commercial design.

The lineup for September and the following months will be chalk-full of great events, too. But for now, enjoy the long weekend as we remember and honor those who have served our country.

Herman Miller Partners with Planetree Visionary Design Network

Herman Miller has always kept people at the center when it comes to their designs.  This is no truer in the commercial side of their designs as it is in their healthcare designs.  Recently, Herman Miller Healthcare has made a strong partnership with Planetree Visionary Design Network to better serve patient’s needs.



Herman Miller’s healthcare focus and goals are centered on creating healing environments that customize the needs of patients.  This ensures the people using their designs best interests will always be at the center.  Planetree’s focus is to personalize, humanize, and demystify healthcare, beginning and ending with the patient in mind.  With those core values at the heart, Herman Miller is proud to have found someone with the same vision to partner with to focus on their healing environments.  This partnership aims to draw on their collective research and design to encourage creating patient-centered healing spaces.

Coming June 25th, Intereum and Herman Miller Healthcare will host a CEU focused on the story of Planetree, the healing environment, and patient-centered care. This presentation will focus on what’s become top-of-mind for many healthcare organizations, the patient experience, and it will also address the measurable outcomes with Planetree’s successes and its relation to the creation of environments. The CEU kicks off at 4:00 at Intereum. Contact Jen Zeller if you’re interested in attending!