Intereum Named Star Tribune Top Workplace for Second Year

For the second year in a row, Intereum has been named one of the Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces 2015. This year the Star Tribune expanded the Top Workplaces list from 150 to 227 to highlight companies in the Twin Cities area that exemplified the meaning of being an excellent workplace.

Each year the Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces recognizes the best-performing and most progressive public companies in Minnesota. Produced by the same team that compiles the 24-year-old Star Tribune 100 report, Top Workplaces received responses from over 69,100 employees in Minnesota. Scores and rankings were determined solely by employee responses.

Intereum outside pic

Consistently ranked as one of the top Herman Miller dealers in the country, Intereum is there from the beginning stages of design to audiovisual solutions to the final installation. Intereum works to improve day-to-day life for clients by incorporating their personal culture and working to diminish prominent industry challenges. A full-service distinguished commercial furnishings and services resource, Intereum serves clients of all sizes throughout Minnesota in Corporate, Healthcare, Education and Government settings.

With support from the Intereum leadership team, Intereum as a whole is determined to maintain a positive, can-do attitude in order to produce quality results, be responsive, and continuously improve. A nurturing environment, a breadth of tools and innovation allow employees to provide the utmost service and successful project outcomes.

“For Intereum to be recognized as a Top Workplace in Minnesota for the second year in a row is an honor. Because Intereum’s core focus is to create purposeful and inspiring work, healing and education environments, I am delighted that our team members recognize Intereum as a great place to work,” said Matt Sveen, Principal and Owner.

To qualify for the Star Tribune Top Workplaces, a company must have more than 50 employees in Minnesota. Over 2,100 companies were invited to participate. Rankings were composite scores calculated purely on the basis of employee responses. The surveys were created and conducted by WorkplaceDynamics, an independent company specializing in employee engagement and retention. Check out the survey here.

On June 14, 2015 the complete Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2015 was published. Check out Intereum and the other Top Workplaces on the list here.

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Behind the Scenes: IIDA’s Fusion+Fashion 2014

Friday October 3rd marked IIDA Northland‘s 9th annual fashion charity event Fusion+Fashion! This year’s Fusion+Fashion event proved to be a huge success complete with lavish costumes, intricate hairstyles and wonderful celebrity judges. The theme this year was Get Amplified!, where teams created a runway fashion look based on musical venues across the globe. Venues included First Avenue in Minneapolis, the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, Intereum’s Le Theatre Antique D’Orange in Orange, France and many more.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.31.04 AM

The IIDA Northland Chapter‘s mission is to promote and enhance the Interior Design industry and profession. Through communal professional development activities, the IIDA Northland Chapter works to serve the community and give to those involved in Interior Design. Thus, the Fusion+Fashion event provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the IIDA Northland Chapter while giving back to the community. From the Fusion+Fashion event 30% of proceeds were distributed into the Education Fund. This fund assists professional development of IIDA members within the Northland Chapter region to open opportunity, deepen involvement within the design community, and grow as an Interior Design professional.

Based on the Get Amplifed! theme, our Intereum team put their heads together to create a beautiful look drawing inspiration from Le Theatre Antique D’Orange‘s tiered seating, the metal truss running above the stage, the grandeur stage and the stunning operatic character that could be seen performing in such a venue. From top to bottom Le Theatre Antique D’Orange was portrayed using Herman Miller laminate, Maharam textile, silk, lace, and wood.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.25.01 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.27.59 PM

For the model (myself) and our wonderful hair and makeup artist Heather Walling, the preparation for Fusion+Fashion started at 11 a.m. sharp. We began working on the makeup that would not only capture the audience, but would enhance the theme surrounding Le Theatre Antique D’Orange. With sharp reds, sparkling silvers, bold eyelashes and baby doll lips, the look came together seamlessly to create the operatic figure we envisioned. After finishing makeup, we faced a bigger challenge: the big operatic hair. Luckily with a few bobby pins (only about 90), two decorative pumpkins, and my long hair, the look came together. Heather enhanced the look with intricate braids, red hair spray and the decorative silver truss.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.28.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.39.29 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 4.16.14 PM

After hair and makeup, we arrived at Orchestra Hall, which provided an incredible venue with high ceilings and angled acoustics for the perfect sound. In the atrium prior to the runway show, Intereum and Herman Miller hosted a wonderful prelude party complete with tasty hors d’oeuvres, a photographer, drinks and music.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.26.55 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.27.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.27.33 PMScreen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.27.09 PM

With final touches done, the costume fit snug and a successful interview complete, it was time to hit the runway. Sleek Seeyond Select walls (provided by Intereum) lined the edges of the stage as I entered the runway, concealing me from an eager audience. Cheers from the Intereum team were easily decipherable as I walked the runway under the bright lights of the Orchestra Hall.  The pictures of each of the beautiful models walking the runway, getting ready behind the scenes and posing on stage can be seen here: Fusion+Fashion pictures 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 6.45.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.25.18 PM

Thank you to the IIDA Northland Chapter for putting on such a wonderful event! And most importantly, thank you to the amazing Intereum team who spent weeks putting this amazing look together – you are all so talented and wonderful! It truly was a night to remember.

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Lifesize Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions

Whether in the office or in the comfort of your home, Lifesize Cloud is a video conferencing solution that enables clear, efficient conferencing virtually from any location. Unlike any other video conferencing solution, Lifesize Cloud helps to connect you with coworkers seamlessly through any device including cell phones, tablets, personal computers, laptops, etc. Each conference through Lifesize allows 25 participants; however, each participant in the conference call is not limited to just an individual on their laptop, a participant could be a group gathered in a conference room. Thus the possibilities through Lifesize Cloud are endless.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.14.42 PM

Have a decision that needs to be made immediately? Lifesize Cloud creates a whole new level of video conferencing by allowing the users to call and connect with others in an instant without hassle. The user is able to pick contacts by name rather than by numbers, IDs, or PIN numbers. Not only is it simple to connect with coworkers, Lifesize has reinvented video conferencing by creating a solution that is ‘plug and play’. ‘Plug and play’ is the idea that Lifesize Cloud can be implemented and maintained by the user without constant IT support.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.12.37 PM

This award-winning video conferencing solution provides the highest quality video which is remarkably lifelike and as easy and natural as meeting in person. Lifesize Cloud also received recognition in being the ‘easiest endpoint to use’ and the ability of the solution to work right out of the box. With our knowledgable Audio Visual team at Intereum, these award-winning room video systems can now be implemented into conference and meeting rooms for simplistic and realistic video conferencing. Our Audio Visual team can also assist in incorporating Lifesize Cloud to mobile devices, tablets and personal computers to provide easy connection to coworkers at the touch of a button.


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Summer Outing: A Cruise on Lake Minnetonka

Our company outing this summer was a day to remember that included great people bearing Intereum shirts, beautiful weather and a cruise on Lake Minnetonka aboard the Queen of Excelsior.  The Queen of Excelsior hosted a wonderful staff who served ice cold drinks, a tasty taco bar and an assortment of sweet desserts. Throughout the cruise our knowledgeable captain told fun facts about the grandeur houses and landmarks that surround Lake Minnetonka, ranging from million dollar boats to the Pillsbury mansion.

Our summer outing represents how lucky we are to be surrounded by such wonderful employees who work hard everyday to make Intereum truly an amazing workplace!  Thank you to each and every person who made our outing possible and for making Intereum a great place to work day in and day out! We could not have asked for a more enjoyable afternoon surrounded by great people and a beautiful lake!

Here are some pictures of our day on the Queen of Excelsior: photo 1


















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The Future for the Standard Office Looks Very Green


With successful concepts such as the Action Office and Living Office, recently Herman Miller has been researching and collecting information about incorporating nature-mimicking spaces that satisfy the human necessity for a connection to the natural world. Studies have confirmed that natural spaces enhance a meditative state of mind while simultaneously assisting in reducing stress. This research also showed that connecting with nature helps to rejuvenate the brain completely. But how could trees, grass, sunshine, and a little fresh air rejuvenate our brains?

Attention Restoration Theory (ART) helps to explain why nature can work wonders in rejuvenating our brains. Researchers from the University of Michigan explain that our attention comes in two ‘flavors’: involuntary and voluntary. Involuntary attention is when something interesting captures our attention, while voluntary attention is when we focus to complete a task. As described by the researchers of the University of Michigan, nature is filled with vibrant stimuli which captures our attention in a bottom-up fashion, or a way that first examines the finer details and then the big picture. The striking, involuntary attention capturing effects of nature can give our brains a chance to replenish when it comes to a top-down approach, or looking at the big picture first and then working out the finer details. However, designs implementing nature aren’t simply beneficial to the individual office worker– it can be a sound economic investment, too. An exercise that applied biophilic (nature oriented) work spaces found that if incorporated into many New York City offices $470 million would be regained in productivity value.

Rosalyn Cama, president of Cama, Inc., an interior planning and design firm, describes her passion for finding work place solutions that implement nature-mimicking spaces. Cama explained an experiment she uses on groups at a national convention in New York. Cama asks the group, “‘Imagine a stressful time in your recent past. If you could escape anywhere in the world to help reduce your anxiety, where would you go?’ For thirteen years, Cama has continued to ask the same question and she finds that 95% or more usually select an outdoor space. She then proposes another question asking why they chose the space they did. Many reply explaining their destination as calming, stress-free and serene.


A combination of both Herman Miller’s Living Office and a biophilic environment could create this leisurely space that over 95% of individuals desire. The combination could implement a space where office workers enjoy the space and look forward to work that harmoniously mixes a calm, functional, stress-relieving, collaborative and productive environment. The Living Office alone creates a natural physical environment that exposes a generous amount of natural light and brings a communal sense to the everyday office. Herman Miller’s Living Office combined with even more biophilic elements could enhance productivity by rejuvenating brains and creating a space that each person looks forward to working in. The future for both Herman Miller and the standard, everyday office is starting to look very green!

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Project Spotlight: Tara Kaur, DDS, Earns Eco-Dentistry Gold Certification

logo Certification

We are especially excited to spotlight a recent project that Intereum had a strong role in furnishing! Located in Edina, Minnesota, Tara Kaur, DDS, PLLC is one of the first 100 dental practices worldwide to successfully complete the EDA’s GreenDOC program in order to achieve the Eco-Dentistry Association’s Gold Certification. A small group of dental offices meet the association’s highest standards due to strict expectations in pollution prevention, waste reduction, water and energy conservation, and a holistic, wellness-based practice. EDA’s GreenDOC program encompasses over 180 eco-friendly initiatives ranging from the physical office space, dental processes and materials, and administrative/community outreach methods implemented by the office. From this vast list, Tara Kaur, DDS, incorporated a multitude of initiatives reaching a total of 331 points thus earning the Eco-Dentistry Gold Certification—the first dental practice to earn the certification in Minnesota.

Examples of Dr. Kaur’s initiative to maintain an ecofriendly practice include focuses in reducing water and energy consumption, implementing green building materials successfully, and reducing and nearly eliminating all sources of waste. As a prime example, Dr. Kaur’s office utilizes digital imaging and digital patient charting, which reduces landfill waste and exposure to radiation by as much as 90%. Dr. Kaur said in regards to their certification, “We know our environmental problems are serious and each of us needs to do what we can to be part of the solution. As an EDA Certified Dental Practice, we are able to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care while incorporating the highest standard of planetary care. We are thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful community devoted to being eco-conscious.”


Prior to earning the certification, Dr. Tara Kaur’s goals remained in creating an ecofriendly environment that supported a holistic relationship between ecology and economy to create a sustainable approach to the practice of dentistry. Tara Kaur, DDS, develops dental protocol on an individualized basis to provide the best solutions for each patient. With a dedication to sustainable dentistry practices and patient satisfaction, Dr. Kaur’s practice works to provide an upgrade in overall well-being. The Tara Kaur, DDS, team ensures an experience that is promotional of an overall healthier lifestyle while promising a metal-free, fluoride-free, mercury-free, and anxiety-free experience.

A peek into the eco-friendly Tara Kaur, DDS office courtesy of Brandon Stengel from Farm Kid Studios:

TK 1 TK 2 TK 3 TK 4 TK 7

Congratulations Tara Kaur, DDS!

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Sam’s Scramble for Sight Event

Sam's scramble for sight

Egypt Valley Golf Course

On Monday, Herman Miller’s CEO, Brian Walker, hosted the second annual Sam’s Scramble for Sight at Egypt Valley Country Club. However, this event wasn’t simply schemed up out of thin air–it derives from Brian Walker’s son, Sam, who was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that deteriorates photoreceptor cells within the retina. With lack of options to slow the progression of the disease and no cure, the result can be either total or near blindness.

With golf, lunch, dinner and an auction to finish off the day, Sam’s Scramble for Sight is an event that raises funds for the Wynn Institute for Vision Research at the University of Iowa. DR. E. M. Stone, MD, director of the University of Iowa’s Wynn Institute, has played a large role in the progression toward a cure and options to slow the effects of the disease. His role isn’t restricted to the United States however, Dr. Stone continuously plays a worldwide role in the eradication of human blindness. Dr. Stone spoke at the event emphasizing the Wynn Institute of Vision Research’s work, their progression forward, and their passion to find a cure. This year, Sam’s Scramble for Sight raised over $450,000 in donations received from both individual donators and event sponsors! Intereum assisted in the success of the event by partaking as a sponsor at the Silver Level.


Sam and Stone better

Sam Walker and Dr. E. M. Stone

Seen in the photo below, Bret Abbott (left) and Matt Sveen (right), Owners of Intereum, were in attendance at Sam’s Scramble for Sight on Monday. Both Bret and Matt described how wonderful the event was–from scoring two under par to mingling with the Walker family and other sponsors, the two had a memorable time.

Bret and Matt

Bret Abbott and Matt Sveen

Bret, Matt, Brent and friend

Bret Abbott, Matt Sveen and friends at Sam’s Scramble for Sight

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