Project Spotlight: Tara Kaur, DDS, Earns Eco-Dentistry Gold Certification

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We are especially excited to spotlight a recent project that Intereum had a strong role in furnishing! Located in Edina, Minnesota, Tara Kaur, DDS, PLLC is one of the first 100 dental practices worldwide to successfully complete the EDA’s GreenDOC program in order to achieve the Eco-Dentistry Association’s Gold Certification. A small group of dental offices meet the association’s highest standards due to strict expectations in pollution prevention, waste reduction, water and energy conservation, and a holistic, wellness-based practice. EDA’s GreenDOC program encompasses over 180 eco-friendly initiatives ranging from the physical office space, dental processes and materials, and administrative/community outreach methods implemented by the office. From this vast list, Tara Kaur, DDS, incorporated a multitude of initiatives reaching a total of 331 points thus earning the Eco-Dentistry Gold Certification—the first dental practice to earn the certification in Minnesota.

Examples of Dr. Kaur’s initiative to maintain an ecofriendly practice include focuses in reducing water and energy consumption, implementing green building materials successfully, and reducing and nearly eliminating all sources of waste. As a prime example, Dr. Kaur’s office utilizes digital imaging and digital patient charting, which reduces landfill waste and exposure to radiation by as much as 90%. Dr. Kaur said in regards to their certification, “We know our environmental problems are serious and each of us needs to do what we can to be part of the solution. As an EDA Certified Dental Practice, we are able to provide our patients with the highest quality of dental care while incorporating the highest standard of planetary care. We are thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful community devoted to being eco-conscious.”


Prior to earning the certification, Dr. Tara Kaur’s goals remained in creating an ecofriendly environment that supported a holistic relationship between ecology and economy to create a sustainable approach to the practice of dentistry. Tara Kaur, DDS, develops dental protocol on an individualized basis to provide the best solutions for each patient. With a dedication to sustainable dentistry practices and patient satisfaction, Dr. Kaur’s practice works to provide an upgrade in overall well-being. The Tara Kaur, DDS, team ensures an experience that is promotional of an overall healthier lifestyle while promising a metal-free, fluoride-free, mercury-free, and anxiety-free experience.

A peek into the eco-friendly Tara Kaur, DDS office courtesy of Brandon Stengel from Farm Kid Studios:

TK 1 TK 2 TK 3 TK 4 TK 7

Congratulations Tara Kaur, DDS!

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