Sam’s Scramble for Sight Event

Sam's scramble for sight

Egypt Valley Golf Course

On Monday, Herman Miller’s CEO, Brian Walker, hosted the second annual Sam’s Scramble for Sight at Egypt Valley Country Club. However, this event wasn’t simply schemed up out of thin air–it derives from Brian Walker’s son, Sam, who was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease that deteriorates photoreceptor cells within the retina. With lack of options to slow the progression of the disease and no cure, the result can be either total or near blindness.

With golf, lunch, dinner and an auction to finish off the day, Sam’s Scramble for Sight is an event that raises funds for the Wynn Institute for Vision Research at the University of Iowa. DR. E. M. Stone, MD, director of the University of Iowa’s Wynn Institute, has played a large role in the progression toward a cure and options to slow the effects of the disease. His role isn’t restricted to the United States however, Dr. Stone continuously plays a worldwide role in the eradication of human blindness. Dr. Stone spoke at the event emphasizing the Wynn Institute of Vision Research’s work, their progression forward, and their passion to find a cure. This year, Sam’s Scramble for Sight raised over $450,000 in donations received from both individual donators and event sponsors! Intereum assisted in the success of the event by partaking as a sponsor at the Silver Level.


Sam and Stone better

Sam Walker and Dr. E. M. Stone

Seen in the photo below, Bret Abbott (left) and Matt Sveen (right), Owners of Intereum, were in attendance at Sam’s Scramble for Sight on Monday. Both Bret and Matt described how wonderful the event was–from scoring two under par to mingling with the Walker family and other sponsors, the two had a memorable time.

Bret and Matt

Bret Abbott and Matt Sveen

Bret, Matt, Brent and friend

Bret Abbott, Matt Sveen and friends at Sam’s Scramble for Sight

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