New Products on the Horizon for OFS Brands

OFS Reception area


With new product debuted at NeoCon 2014 and their release dates on the horizon, OFS Brands is in preparation for sharing their new collections, products and pieces with the industry. Without the hassle of scavenging the internet or travelling to visit their showroom, we’re going to give you a glimpse at what you can look forward to from OFS Brands (OFS, First Office and Loewenstein) in the next few months.



A huge new product–Re:–spurred interest at NeoCon 2014. With this new benching system that provides space for both group and personal retreats, Re: enhances the ability to communicate, collaborate and work individually through desk benching systems and collaborative freestanding systems.

Re 1

Re 4

Slate & Slate Private Office

Providing an efficient space within open areas, Slate hosts boardroom amenities and simple collaboration within the office. With space division, media support, and concealed storage, Slate promotes communal interactions and helps create a space where people can come together seamlessly. However, Slate isn’t the new product to keep an eye out for—Slate Private Office is. Instead of providing a communal area, Slate Private Office creates a private office space for individuals while still being a conventional meeting space with boardroom amenities, power, and height adjustability.


OFS Slate

Slate Private Office 

Slate Private Office

Riff Ping-Pong Table

For a twist of fun, the beautiful Riff Ping-Pong Table could be found among the new products seen at NeoCon 2014. Constructed with vinterio oak mocca, arctic maple, and custom paint, the Riff Ping-Pong Table reiterated OFS Brands’ ability to bring together quality products while incorporating entertainment harmoniously. Originally however, OFS created the Ping-Pong table for show and enjoyment. Following NeoCon, OFS had about 20 requests for the Riff Ping-Pong Table and is now in the process of assessing the probability of producing and selling the table.

Riff Ping Pong Table

Riff Ping Pong 2

First Office

Intermix Work

With three standard work surfaces and sizes, the Intermix Work is a station that allows coworkers to work solo or collaboratively in a close proximity. The Intermix Work can be easily reconfigured to create various work stations that accommodate the needs and wants of a company in a flexible, low cost way. Each work station contains singular circuit power which enables easy office reconfigurations in minutes.

Intermix WORK 1

Layer Teacher Station

Currently First Office offers the Layer Teacher Station, a teacher’s desk with a desk and podium connected that promotes a transition between sitting and standing to grab student’s attention effectively. Seen at NeoCon 2014, OFS Brands has upgraded this piece to allow the teacher to separate both the podium and the desk for easy adjustability and collaboration with students. The desk alone has height adjustability to engage the teacher and the student on the same level.

 The original Layer Teacher Station. Desk and podium cannot be separated.

Layer Teacher Station

The upgraded Layer Teacher Desk. Desk and podium can be separated.

Upgraded Layer Teacher Station



Remember blocks and Legos from your childhood? Based off the idea of classic platform building blocks, Hitch Storage is a creative shelving system built for corporations and individuals who enjoy building and rearranging. With different box sizes to fit a variety of objects and removable connectors, Hitch can be easily reconfigured and customized to suit the changing needs of the end user. Hitch is set to release in October 2014.

Hitch Bookcase 1

Beck Credenza

The Beck Credenza cabinet sheds light on the intricate woodworking expertise by Loewenstein and OFS Brands. Constructed from ash solids and veneer, Beck Credenza is a timeless piece that incorporates sliding drawers and routed pulls for easy accessibility and functionality. Beck Credenza brings a feel of ‘a little home at work’ and ‘a little work at home’ with careful attention to detail and a beautiful finish.

Beck Credenza

Beck Credenza 1


With both low-back stool and armless chair options, Penelope’s webbed effect is constructed by either white or black hand-woven Xiloplast wires. Penelope provides a resilient, modern seating arrangement that can act as barstool, lounge or guest seating. Whether it be in the office or the home, Penelope is a stackable, diverse chair that can suit a various array of settings.

Penelope 1

Penelope 2

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