Seeyond Goes Above and Beyond with New Seeyond Select Finishes

Recently Seeyond Architectural Products discreetly formulated new finishes for the mobile wall system Seeyond Select. Yet these new finishes are unlike the cellular resin or tessellation options seen before. These new finishes in the Seeyond Select mobile walls collection come in seven diverse wall shapes, three different heights (48″, 60″ and 72″) and three distinct, new metal composite finishes including gloss & matte, brushed metallic and mirrored metallic that come in a multitude of colors.

These contemporary finishes for the collection, among many other outstanding products and designs, created a buzz with their release at North America’s largest annual design exposition, NeoCon 2014. These new Seeyond Select finishes, although composed of metal composite, allow for space to be redefined with easy mobility. The company itself focuses on creating functional mobile walls that promote redefining space whenever necessary. Another goal of Seeyond Architectural Products encompasses creating settings that promote spaces such as team, meeting, conversation or individualistic spaces – which is easily attained through the Seeyond Select collection.

wall heights and shapes

The Seeyond Select collection (if the 60″ or 72″ is purchased) allows the user to adjust the height dimension. The top level of the 60″ and the top two levels of the 72″ connect cohesively through strong magnets to promote easy redefinition, collaboration and personalization.

The two most abstract finishes – brushed metallic and mirrored metallic – intrigued designers and attendees alike with their multitude of shapes, efficient reconfiguration abilities, various color choices within the finish, and added depth to each occupied space. The brushed metallic finish, seen below, captivates the space with a sleek shine and a sophisticated dimensional presence within the room. This particular finish instantly modernizes each room it occupies while harmonizing the surrounding pieces.

Brushed metallic enclosure

angular brushed metallic

Unlike the brushed metallic, the mirrored metallic finish reflects its surroundings with a mirror-like surface rather than simply a dull shine. This reflective effect immediately draws the attention of the viewer while adding depth unlike any other mobile wall on the market. The mobility and efficiency of the Seeyond Select collection allows dynamic companies to relocate these eye-catching pieces ‘at a moments notice.’

Mirrored mobile wall

Mirrored mobile wall 2


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