Employee Spotlight: Kim Sorenson

While others were bundling up by the fire on some of Minnesota’s bone chilling winter days, Intereum’s Education Sales Representative, Kim Sorenson, was either preparing for a skate-ski race, going to watch her 17-year-old son compete in snowboarding, or going for a leisurely snow shoe hike with her 15-year-old daughter. With passions in design and sales, the education market, skiing, biking, mountain biking and her two children, Nick and Danielle, Kim has earned this week’s spotlight due to her hard work, dedication, and passion in everything she does.

Kim recently joined Intereum in November 2013, coming from a Director of Interior Design position at ATS&R Architects. Through both ATS&R and Intereum, Kim has focused on the K-12 Education Market along with a small mix of the Higher Education Market. With a breadth of knowledge gained from about twenty years within the field, she works continuously to develop the K-12 market by building different client bases and bringing on new clients. Kim believes her job isn’t simply designing new spaces for communities; she believes her responsibility is to create collaborative spaces for end users that holds high value and bring the communities closer together. Drawing inspiration from her clients, Kim’s favorite aspect of her position is to develop the stages of creating a new space with the client, from the early design and schematic development to designing the space with the client and specifying furniture and finishes. Kim thoroughly enjoys designing spaces that support 21st century learning philosophies while working under tight budgets to fulfill each school district’s growing educational demands and needs.

Kim Abu Dahbi

Kim working in the Middle East in Abu Dhabi

When she’s not in the office, Kim is actively participating in a variety of activities and spending time with her two children.

During the summer Kim loves to bike and can be found biking with the Plymouth Lifetime Fitness Club, participating in Hillfest in Prescott, Wisconsin, a muddy race in Lutsen, bike marshaling in the Lifetime Kid’s Triathlon, and later on this summer, riding in the Tour de Tonka. With a passion for swimming and running, Kim has also participated in a mix of triathlons with friends. Yet with all the dedication to training and the long hours spent swimming, running and biking in preparation, Kim decided to focus only on bike races this summer in order to spend time on activities that she and the kids can enjoy together. For instance, later on this summer, Kim, Nick and Danielle have a few trips planned. The three will be taking a trip to Breckenridge, Colorado where they will revel in the beautiful scenery and trails that Colorado has to offer. Nick and Danielle (alongside their mother) love to mountain bike on the Pump Tracks, hike in the mountains and–hopefully this year–enjoy the tree line from above on a zip line. Soon after the trip to Breckenridge, Nick, Danielle, and Kim will take a trip to Split Rock where they will camp out under the stars!

Kim and Friend Hillfest Kim Lutsen Kim Lutsen Race

In the Fall and Winter–with a love for nature and the outdoors–Kim is at home riding her mountain bike or going skate-skiing on the great paths, hills and trails of Minnesota.

Kim’s oldest child Nick will be a senior this year which begins the college whirlwind! Nick competes in snowboarding nationally and hopes to continue pursuing his passion in college. This desire has drawn Nick to look into attending either the University of Colorado-Boulder or the University of Utah. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Nick plans to become a part of the Armstrong Cycle Club at his high school. Kim’s daughter Danielle will be going into her Sophomore year and will continue to play travel fast-pitch softball, snowboard and bike with her mom.

Kim, Nick, Snowboarding Danielle Softball Danielle snowboarding

Together this year, Kim, Nick and Danielle participated in Green Apple Day of Service in conjunction with USGBC/HGA Architects. Along with the group and the Minneapolis community, the three donated their time and efforts to the local suppliers and community to upgrade Lighthouse Academy of Nations in Northeast, Minneapolis. Nick, Danielle and Kim helped to clean, paint, and lay carpet and tile. These small communal projects help to give parents, teachers, students and companies the chance to help in the transformation of local schools. Kim’s passion for the K-12 education market extends outside the office where she is continuing to help create functional, safe learning environments for children.

Green Day of Service

What’s next on Kim’s bucket list? To complete a Century bike race–or in other words–a bike race that is 100 miles long! Recovering from an ankle injury she suffered in the Lutsen race, Kim says that the Century bike race will be realistically completed within the next year. With such determination, perseverance, passion and skill, Kim is an inspiration to clients, her children, and each of us at Intereum in and outside the office! Thank you for all you do, Kim!

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