Intereum Helps Build “The Bridge” of Minneapolis

Bridge Picture

On Friday, July 11th, an event encompassing the true collective love of Minneapolis will occur at the Hennepin Theatre Trust in Minneapolis. This event–TedX Hennepin Avenue–will host five speakers native to the Minneapolis community who will share their incredible personal stories and noteworthy ideas in an intimate theatre setting. The theme for this TedX is “The Bridge”, an idea that represents Minneapolis’ bridge for ideas and inspirations that derive from the people of the various communities. Therefore, TedX Hennepin Ave will help to bridge the gaps between the Minneapolis communities including the cultural, technological, creative, inventive, and artistic communities.  Not only is this event unique for it’s abstract theme, Intereum is proud to sponsor TedX Hennepin Avenue by providing the lounge furniture.

TED is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting, creating and providing ‘Ideas Worth Sharing’ through videos, events and presentations. In comparison, TedX is a program designed to capture and engage local communities through Ted-like talks. TedX and TED seek two different audiences while focusing on parallel focuses–to share innovative, influential ideas. TedX is an independently organized communal event that helps to assist communities, organizations and individuals to start a conversation and draw connections through the experience. With such a community centered focus, we are thrilled to be a part of such an event that encourages a sense of community and collaboration through local ideas and inspirations. TedX Hennepin Ave allows Intereum the opportunity to enhance this vibrant sense of community collaboration by providing classic Eames, Herman Miller, and other lounge pieces. These lounge pieces will reinforce the bridging of the gaps between the multitude of Minneapolis communities by bringing the artists, inventors, creatives, technology savvy and culturally diverse people together to a common, communal ground.

This community event will feature five Minnesotan speakers including:

Mohamed Farah, Executive Director at Kajoog and leader among the Somali young people in Minneapolis.

Nic Askew, Poet Film Maker of Soul Biographies

Laura Zabel, Executive Director at Springboard for the Arts.

Kristen Murray, Program Developer at Center for Urban and Regional Affairs and leader of their civic technology incubator Cura:tech.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher, President and CEO of Minnesota High Tech Association.


Mohamed, Nic, Laura, Kristen and Margaret.

New Century Theatre

The Hennepin Theatre Trust- New Century Theatre

TedX Word

 Partners List

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Post TedX Hennepin Ave Update:

With 270 attendees, five local speakers and Intereum’s collaborative lounge furniture pieces, TedX Hennepin was very successful. Seen below, attendees relaxed comfortably with beverages and appetizers prior to the first speaker. Intereum’s furniture provided an environment promoting conversation and collaboration which helped stimulate the purpose of the TedX event—spreading local ideas and inspirations that are worth sharing. Ideas such as technology, civic issues, social issues, race, diversity, relations and each of their impacts on Minneapolis were covered through the knowledgeable speakers at TedX Hennepin Ave.

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