The Mirra 2 Takes on the Twin Cities

Earlier this year, a popular Herman Miller product had an experience unlike any other office chair. The Mirra 2, with a few of us in tow, enjoyed a thrilling day exploring some of the newest and most exciting places around Minneapolis and St. Paul. The first stop on the exciting journey included a trip to the newly reestablished Union Depot. Yet not only did the Mirra 2 simply marvel at the beautifully restored Union Depot from the outside, Mirra 2 reveled in a joyride on the pristine tile flooring (although we may have enjoyed it most).





Following a visit to the Union Depot, we travelled a few miles north to the Ford Center in Minneapolis which revealed a breathtaking view onto a snowy Mississippi River. Whilst meandering the halls of the Ford Center, the Mirra 2 indulged us in some individual periods of relaxation and as pictured below, perfect Kodak moments.

Mirra 8

Mirra 7

Mirra 2 Expo

Mirra 2 Expo 2

To end the expo of the Mirra 2 in the Twin Cities, a high class and luxurious meal was enjoyed at Murray’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis.

 Mirra 9

Mirra 10

Although the expo provided us with many candid photo opportunities, we had a wonderful day enjoying the Mirra 2’s ergonomic build. This chair however, isn’t simply created to enhance a space with a comfortable and supportive seat– the Mirra 2 is constructed to respond to the movement of the user and move with them. With such an ergonomically friendly chair and two beautiful cities, we enjoyed a day with the amazing Mirra 2.

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