Parallel Play: Products for Collaboration and Focused Work

We’re in a work era that demands tools and spaces to collaborate, environments that foster focused work, and a workplace design that helps us do what we need to do efficiently. Here are some great solutions available through Intereum and our manufacturer partners that provide ways to collaborate and do focused work.

Herman Miller Locale: With close proximity to each other and to everything people need, Locale provides the work environment that allows people to comfortably complete their tasks in a more focused and collaborative designed station. The panels provide the privacy and acoustic protection, but a station can easily transform into a more appropriate area for collaboration. Click for more.LocaleHerman Miller Public: The first office system to support casual work and provide comfort at the desk, in circulation spaces, and in group areas – all within a consistent design vocabulary. Space Delineation: Screens in the collection attach to chairs, desks, and bins, dividing space and creating semi-private project areas for teams. Desktop dividers are freestanding or come in clamp-on desktop divider. They define space and offer privacy at the desk. Click for more.Public

Cambridge Sound Masking: Sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions. The benefits of this system are derived from the Qt Quiet Technology that Cambridge Sound Management developed. Benefits of this product include:

  • Reduces the need for sound absorptive and blocking materials, which in turn reduces construction costs.
  • Flexibility to use short partitions or fewer walls to create an open, collaborative environment.
  • Ability to maximize existing office space thus eliminating the build out of private offices.
  • Increase daylight and outdoor view for workers.
  • Helps companies fulfill their LEED indoor environmental quality requirements without sacrificing worker comfort or privacy.CSM_qt100-lo

LOFTwall:  The balancing act needed between privacy and collaboration can easily be addressed with LOFTwall solutions. Click for more.LOFTwall_WAV2LR

Peter Pepper: The Slalom Modular Partition System consists of multiple panels spanning between aluminum uprights for dividing and defining space. Slalom provides visual separations for privacy and security areas as well as crowd control flow patterns with their extensive offering of modular partitions. Click for more.


BuzziSpace: Acoustical privacy and fun aesthetics make BuzziSpace a go to resource for any space desiring a touch of sound proofing and color. Click for more.


Izzy Evan: Freestanding privacy screens in four styles and multiple materials and option choices. Click for more.izzyevan


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