All In a Day’s Work: Three Spectacular Seeyond Installations

Seeyond Architectural Products is the all-in-one solution for creating a visual “wow” to any space with features that can be applied to walls, ceilings, open spaces for collaborative needs, and areas needing a decorative touch.

We documented our installation that occurred last week at our showroom as proof to how quickly, error-free, and rapidly this all happened. The product arrived as scheduled with each feature shipping flat to keep the contents pristine. A skilled team of three assembled the components and built it from the ground up by connecting the boxes to the magnets in a sequential order. The end result is eye-catching!

The images below capture how it all came together. For an even better effect, stop into our showroom to see just how durable and neat the Seeyond features are!


Seeyond Facing with LED lights being installed.


Set the LED lights to cycle through colors or pick your favorite one.


Putting the tessellation pattern together.




Each flattened piece ready to be assembled.



Match up each section according to the identification number and letter.

photo 1

Not your ordinary collaborative hub!

photo 4



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