Meet Intereum’s PreStruct Team: Get All the DIRTT Here

If you’ve ever doubted the process of prefabricated construction, then you haven’t explored DIRTT close enough. DIRTT stands for ‘doing it right this time’ and has been on a track turning skeptics into believers by delivering a product that can help the trades, that can satisfy the end-user, and that can define any space to be what you want and how you want it.

DIRTT recently celebrated its 10th birthday and while the brand’s mission has remained the same, the flexibility, capabilities, and innovations behind DIRTT continues to thrive. Intereum’s Green Learning Center reflects this in many ways: From collaboration rooms robust with plug and play technology to the private office built out from a previously unusable space – our showroom is full of DIRTT ideas and possibilities.

What you will also surely find at our Green Learning Center is the precursor to any DIRTT product and that is our talented, energized, and knowledgeable PreStruct Team (Prefabricated Structured Solutions).

We pulled up a chair to meet with the PreStruct team to really get to know what makes this team so cool. I mean, who else do you know that does DIRTT DOGG Days, Waffle Wednesdays, and Frosty Fridays?


Leading the team is Patrick MacNabb who joined Intereum in November 2012. In this role, Patrick assists the internal Intereum sales team in presentations, product information and proposals. Projects tend to span all vertical markets, which can make each day challenging and exciting since each project is unique.  “From my first day here, I have felt welcome. Everyone at Intereum does a great job getting new people to feel comfortable right away. Unlike my previous jobs, I feel every day goes by much too quickly.”


In October 2013, Scott Zimmer joined the PreStruct team as our Market Development Director. There’s a very technical component to interior systems that has to be interconnected and in order to make sure there is no disconnect with anything, it’s of great value to work with General Contracts. And that’s what Scott is here to do! Scott formerly worked for a healthcare institution where he managed 60 locations. In his new role, he’s able to connect with industry contacts while educating and promoting the powerful solutions of DIRTT. He definitely is enjoying the camaraderie and talents of each team member.


Cheryl Aspelund is the Project Manager for PreStruct. Her day is full of variety, lots of responsibility, and a ton of laughs. As noted by her coworkers, Cheryl has an infectious laugh and an easygoing spirit, which makes her a great member to have on the team. In addition to projects, Cheryl has one very important responsibility to tend to here:  She has to make sure our DIRTT Breathe Wall plants stay hydrated and looking good. She has recruited others to help so it’s definitely a team bonding moment on Friday afternoons. To catch them in the act is even better! The one thing Cheryl couldn’t live without to do her job is her tape measure with fraction increments. Let’s hope this doesn’t go missing!


Another component that makes Intereum a preferred DIRTT partner is due to our highly skilled and talented crew. Cody Redman is the Head DIRTT Technician. As the foreman, he is responsible for running jobs and keeping projects on track to finish efficiently.  Cody is a certified DIRTT installer, which means he has completed training at DIRTT Calgary. Because of this certification, all of our jobs can be warrantied. Pretty neat!  Being responsible for jobs is a lot of pressure. Fortunately, Cody knows how to troubleshoot and handle any obstacles with his quick thinking, and this has no doubt lead to many rewarding and successful project installations.

Before any project can BE something, you have to create it and we rely on Sara Henkel and our newest design addition, Andrea Roman, to help us out.


Sara Henkel began her design journey at Intereum as a Production Designer with the Healthcare team and then made the jump to DIRTTBag within the last couple of years. As a DIRTT designer, Sara gets to handle projects from their infancy to final installation – and that includes everything in between. It’s a hands-on job and she loves the challenge of it. The mentality that work should be fun, engaging, and rewarding is true for them all and Sara says they accomplish this through their open communication and being supportive of one another.


Andrea Roman is our newest designer for our PreStruct Team! Coming from the architectural world, where the design happens around walls, she expressed how she enjoys discovering how DIRTT becomes a part of the design solution and can transform the client’s present and future needs. Her favorite part of being on the team is definitely the people. “You couldn’t find a more supportive and fun team!”  Outside of work, Andrea can be found creating patterns for Spoonflower, a website that lets you print your own design on multiple different fabric options. Definitely check it out!


As newcomer Andy Dusek has caught on to the PreStruct Team, there is never a dull moment. Andy serves as the Client Services point person for the team and completes this dynamic group!  What works so well for this group is that they all want work to be something they enjoy coming to day in and day out. And for that reason, they are fun, they keep it cool, and they log their priceless moments in a quote book. One of the more recent team building activities Andy recalled was their Waffle Wednesday cooking in the cafe. They make beautiful waffles for each other and other employees. Hilarity ensues!  Andy comments that the one thing he couldn’t live without on the DIRTT team is Cheryl because “she really brings a good balance to the team and I’m happy to have her as a neighbor”.


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