Wellbeing @Intereum

Wellness Workshop begins @Intereum!

Wellness Workshop begins @Intereum!

We are extremely fortunate to have a passionate and knowledgeable ergonomic specialist here on staff. Kim Pellitteri is her name – and you may recall hearing about her from a previous post!


Recently, Kim has started her own health coaching business called ‘Health Happiness’ and has now partnered with Intereum to kick off our own health initiative. The hope is that by the end to have information on how to make healthy and mindful choices everyday to live a fuller and happier life.  And if that means we happen to have a smaller waistline by the end of it, then so be it!

Kim started the initiative by sending out a survey to learn who would be interested in partaking and what they would be interested in learning. This information helped her create an outline of four topics to be presented once a quarter on healthy living.  Last week, we had our first workshop presented by Kim on ‘Nutrition for Energy – how to eat well in today’s crazy world’.  The presentation was packed with people and filled with great information and visuals to aid in making better decisions about food that will give you more energy throughout the day.



What did we learn? LOTS! And if you already had heard something before, it was a great reminder and motivator to hear it again.

The Top 10 Health Tips from Kim:

1.  Cut caffeine
2.  Drink more water (Lemon Water AM)
3.  Eat dark leafy green vegetables
4.  Reduce sugar, use gentle sweets like raw honey, maple syrup
5.  Enjoy physical activities, including breaks during work for ergonomics.
6.  Enjoy more rest and relaxation
7.  Evaluate the amount and type of protein you eat- breakfast experiment (Eat breakfast and pack a lunch)
8.  Take time for yourself
9.  Get in touch with your spirituality (Meditate)
10.  Re-evaluate your relationships

Soon after the holidays, daring employees participated in a 10-day detox and although the first days were challenging, everyone really supported each other in making healthy choices and seeing it through the end!

Another part of the initiative is to make sure we drink more water. Now we have a special decanter that is filled with a different array of fresh fruit everyday that helps make drinking water more appealing and quite refreshing!

If you personally and/or your company would be interested in having Kim as your health coach, check out her website to get in touch!

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