MN School Board Association 2014

Learning Studios: Adaptable, flexible, and mobile
Intereum and V/S recently exhibited a dynamic booth at the 93rd Annual MSBA Leadership conference.

photo 3

The joint booth showcased the new CulturalShift product line from V/S.  This new line is designed to support research around the impact of a well designed and furnished space leads to greater connectivity and engages with students and faculty. V/S products provide a diverse set of tools, enabling the users to create their own unique environments.


Classrooms and spaces can be flexible from an architectural viewpoint, too. DIRTT offers solutions that offer behavioral sustainability to clients. The prefab construction elements are made to measure, assembled in a clean controlled factory and installed onsite without material waste. The ongoing adaptive nature of the solutions keeps the elements in use for an exceptionally long lifecycle. Customize DIRTT to look and function just the way the space requires!

dirtt class

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