It’s Only Natural

The human body was made to move. For years people have been moving most of the hours in their days. But with advancements in technology and work styles, more adults around the world sit on average 3 – 8 hours every work day.  Sitting for long periods of time can lead to feeling drowsy, being easily fatigued, being prone to injury, and elevates the risk of cardiovascular disease.

evolutionProviding people with natural ways to move throughout their workday can reverse the negative effects and contribute to people’s overall health. Research has proven that having the work day filled with alternates between sitting, standing, and moving is the best combination for our overall wellbeing. Herman Miller offers a great line of products that create options to meet the needed balance between rest and movement.


  •  Renew is a new sit-to-stand surface which is designed to make moving between sitting and standing positions intuitive.

Renew Sit-to-Stand

  • The new Locale from Herman Miller Living Office incorporates the importance of movement and recognizes collaboration as a necessity of good business.


  • Mirra 2, designed by Studio 7.5, is a high performance work chair that offers support in a multitude of ways – from the materials it was composed of to the lightweight supportive features.


As stated in the Solution Essay from Herman Miller, “Pairing a work landscape that includes postural choices with education to help people learn how to listen to their bodies equips them to make postural change a natural part of what they do at work.” So before that irk of exhaustion hits you while plugging away at work, listen to your body and stand up, and move around every 20 minutes.  To learn more about the research behind these solutions, read this article posted by Herman Miller.

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