Getting to Know Intereum: Steve Smith

Thirty years ago, the world was introduced to McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Sony Camcorders. Fast-forward to today, your cabbage patch doll is packed away, your camcorder has been replaced with a smart phone, and chicken McNuggets have gone organic.

Why are we reminiscing about something that happened 30 years ago? It’s because our employee spotlight is shining down on Steve Smith who recently celebrated his 31st anniversary with Intereum in August, and the flurry of flashbacks of how he got to where he is now came rushing back. A lot can happen in 30 years, and unlike the Cabbage Patch doll in your closet, people, products, and our daily balance continues to evolve.


Coworkers Bobbi and Steve at the 2013 company outing

Photos - Cayman Island & Vancouver Island 004

Whale watching

Steve graduated from college with a Mechanical Engineering degree, and then as a licensed professional engineer Steve joined the Intereum family and began teaming up with client’s engineering departments to help roll out the Action Factory product line.

We know what you’re thinking, what is Action Factory? Think really cool Action Office for manufacturers & assemblers with structural steel support frames for handling product & equipment plus an integrated material handling system.

Through Steve’s hard work, Intereum achieved selling more Action Factory than anyone else in North America.  From that position Steve became Operations Manager where he developed and grew Intereum’s  warehouse, installation, custom shop, and service functions.  He also was nick-named the third sales manager.

From his experience in healthcare and DIRTT, he realized a new opportunity to better align our client’s laboratory needs with additional product solutions and to expand Intereum into all types of labs, not just Healthcare labs.  Steve is currently heading up the laboratory market initiative at Intereum.  Steve is bringing the creditability of Intereum into the lab by taking on challenging opportunities and creating the best solutions for each unique client and project.  In this role he gets to dive into the parts of his job he loves most, identifying problems/opportunities and developing solutions as well as strategic selling.

Outside of the technical and sales world of Steve’s day-to-day he loves getting out near the water and enjoying activities such as boating, fishing, and water skiing.  During our long, cold months in Minnesota where such luxuries do not exist, Steve and his wife love getting away and enjoying warm sandy beaches and the beauty of the oceans!

Photos - Cayman Island & Vancouver Island 012

Vancouver Island vacation with family

Photos - Cayman Island & Vancouver Island 006

Whale watching in Vancouver Island

In the multiple decades of hard work and dedication he has put into the company he has contributed to a thriving environment and accomplished many things that have helped Intereum grow to where it is today.

Photos - Cayman Island & Vancouver Island 015

Steve and his wife at the Cayman Islands

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