Denise’s Annual Craft Sale

For 15 years salesperson Denise Sarles has opened the doors to her house to hold her well-anticipated craft sale.  There are two things that are tried and true about this craft sale: 1) It is always the first weekend in December, and 2) It always snows, or like this year, has subzero temperatures with icy slick roads.  Although traveling can pose its challenges, that doesn’t stop the flocks of people that fill Denise’s basement each year.



The tradition started with Denise and a group of Design friends looking for a creative outlet from their nine to five jobs.  Months before the holidays even start, designers, and now close friends, get to work making what could be this year’s must-have item.  The setup starts the Wednesday before the event and on Friday the bar gets stocked, appetizers fill the counter top, and people start rolling in.  It has become such a tradition and a popular social event with friends, coworkers, neighbors, crafters, and gifters!


Denise’s favorite craft to make were fabric Santas that she made years ago.  Each Santa was made in a different style, different colors, sizes, and truly unique.  Since then,  some of the crafts she has moved onto include sweater mittens, wreaths, clocks, candle holders, stockings, and oiled pastels boards with Christmas scenes.  Each year something fabulously different than the last!  Denise’s sale is a true reflection for her love of people and the need to create and make beautiful things.


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