Redefining the Classroom with a CulturalShift

The importance of the classroom being able to adapt to the way students learn and faculty teach is the foundation for the design and purposefulness behind the new product line launched from V/S called CulturalShift. (As a reminder, V/S is well-known for this popular piece, the Hokki Stool.)


CulturalShift is a concept of products that addresses individual, group, and teacher needs. Together, these products redefine the learning environment with practical, beautiful, and progressive furniture.


The pieces are all mobile, flexible, adaptable, and multi-functional to enhance the learning environment.  In a time where laptops, tablets, and connectivity rule, the furniture was designed to reduce clutter by integrating wireless and transparent technology.


It was also designed to encourage flexibility. Teacher tables fit to student and group tables. Collaboration areas turn into personal spaces.  Each product works with the other and also as a stand alone product. There are multiple learning and teaching styles that are happening in schools and CulturalShift from V/S provides the freedom to do it all.

Here’s a look at some other arrangements using the products:

130730_vs_002 130730_vs_004 130730_vs_006 130806_vs_001  130806_vs_009 130806_vs_029

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