Industry Fashion Show: Fusion 2013

Fusion 2013We had a great Friday night at the 8th annual charity fashion show from IIDA! Fusion + Fashion is a very non-traditional runway show as it combines fashion, charity, and glamour all into one.

1470237_1010385663098970_1947949059_nThere were a total of 26 entries that strutted their stuff on the runway this year with the #MNspired theme.  Participants had to design and create a runway fashion look that was inspired by an original photograph of Minnesota architecture and design. It was so fun to see what other entries used as their inspiration.

Loring Park Fountain 1Our team chose the ‘Dandelion’ Fountain in Loring Park as our inspirational piece.  We created a dress and parasol made of zip ties, wedding dress tulle, and added some lights to show the form and portray the fountain as it would be illuminated at night.  Here’s a look at our creation along with others that participated in the show!



1465177_10103856500259500_1055428270_n 1452584_10103856529406090_1436030434_n 1451605_10103856522375180_1535499717_n 1146546_10103856484381320_378173523_n



Here are a few of the other designs we saw on the runway!

543919_10103856481906280_1551695155_n  1392060_10103856481911270_2038290749_n 941867_10103856503507990_2138169884_n

Good job to all the designers and models this year!  Every single entry showed an immense focus on craftsmanship and creativity.  A special congrats to all those who placed this year as well!


Photo courtesy of IIDA Northland.


Photo courtesy of IIDA Northland.


Photo courtesy of IIDA Northland.


Photo courtesy of IIDA Northland.


Photo courtesy of IIDA Northland.


Photo courtesy of IIDA Northland.

Here’s an additional news clip from WCCO that highlights the event!

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