Happy 100th Birthday: U of M College of Architecture – Intereum’s Favorite Centenarian!

Guest blogger, Jen Zeller, shares with us the evening at the 100 Years of Architecture Gala.

The book The Blue Zones taught us that the demographic zones that have a high incidence of people who live to 100 years old live according to certain core values.  The lifestyles based on these characteristics and values seem to have a sustaining effect – most notably – people who live longer, healthier lives.

photo 3

If you apply this concept to the values that were celebrated at the “100 Years of Architecture Gala”, one can see how the University of Minnesota Architecture Program has sustained a century of accomplishment.  When the speakers presented, they opened with an overwhelming concept.  “If you try to imagine the billions of miles of architecture and the numerous communities that have been created as a result of a century of teaching architecture at this university – it is truly mind-boggling”.

photo 1

In order to accomplish this legacy, the speakers did not talk about individual projects but more core values that drive this lasting effect.  Some of the values that were mentioned were: building communities, shaping lives and most important – a legacy of teaching.  As educators, they pride themselves as providing the “Gift of Critical Thought”, “Unique Way of Reasoning and Thinking”, and embracing “Forward-leaning, Big-thinkers”.

photo 5

There were many notable figures who spoke at the event:  Mayor of Minneapolis, R.T. Rybak*; current president of the University of Minnesota, Erik W. Kaler; and the Dean of the School of Design, Tom Fischer, and many others.  Noted local architects (George Rafferty Video) also spoke about the architecture school through the years and the impact that it has had on their lives.

Intereum is thankful for our strong ties to the architectural community and the imaginative ways that architects specify (and use) our products in their projects.  The A/D Community is a great partner to Intereum.  Happy Birthday to you!

*Architecture MN featured an article on Mayor R.T. Rybak covering the design-smart mayor and the reflections on his urban legacy.

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