The Platform of Performance: Mirra 2

Some incredible changes have been made to Mirra, one of the most beloved Herman Miller task chairs.  Mirra 2’s chair back, seat, and tilt adjustments make for an even more comfortable and ergonomic sit. These changes were the brainchild and creative spirit of none other than Studio 7.5, the original creators of the Mirra.

One of the great new features of Mirra 2 is that when you sit, it adapts to you instantly.  The chair becomes one with your body, and with the slightest move it flexes and moves with you.  Mirra 2 is leaner and lighter, and that makes it more responsive as it supports you wherever you go.


Mirra 2 has a Butterfly Back(TM) that helps create the intuitive feel of the chair.  Studio 7.5’s method for merging a fabric layer with polymer veins creates an intelligent support structure which, in combination with dynamic support shape, keeps your body in a healthy alignment.  These materials also help to increase air flow that will keep you cool while you sit.  The reinvented Harmonic Tilt(TM) helps you move comfortably from one position to the next as it creates a smooth and balanced feel.

We love color, and Mirra 2 brings to the table a great new range of colors to choose from! New colors are available in the frame as well as the seat and back fabrics.


The chair is 22% lighter than the original and has a 25% smaller carbon foot print.  This can be accomplished because Mirra 2 uses less material in an intelligent way.  Make an investment in your health and work performance with seating from Herman Miller and you’ll be in full agreement with what they say here.


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