Getting to Know Intereum: Jeremy Schneider, Audio Visual Solutions

It was a natural fit to have Audio Visual Solutions become part of Intereum’s product offerings, and in the same way, it only made sense to have someone like Jeremy on the Audio Visual team!

Jeremy Schneider

Ever since his high school days in Grand Forks (where he grew up), Jeremy always held an interest in electronics and exploring the technical side of things. This passion fueled his ambition to start his own A/V company when he was in his mid 20s, and following the great experience he developed over the course of the years, he decided to move to Las Vegas in 2003 to pursue the high-demand of the residential market out there.  As his business became very successful, his connections in residential A/V opened the doors to the commercial world and opportunities within.

After six years in Vegas, Jeremy decided to make his way back to Minnesota.  It was a serendipitous change for Jeremy because not only did he land at Intereum to be our savvy and knowledgeable A/V team member, but he met his new bride, Sonya.


With Jeremy’s extensive knowledge and 17 years of experience prior to coming to Intereum, Jeremy has been the acceleration behind our Audio Visual Solutions team launch this past spring.  In his role at Intereum, Jeremy works closely with customers to make sure their goals and objectives are met with solutions that are developed to be engaging and easy to use for any environment.  He is proud to work at a turnkey organization that serves as a one-stop-shop for customers and loves being able to see the ‘wow factor’ in the clients face at the end of the project.

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