Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Intereum was proud to be part of the Sam’s Scramble for Sight fundraiser to help find a cure for a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.  Sam Walker, the son of Herman Miller CEO Brian Walker, was recently diagnosed with this eye disease that destroys photoreceptor cells in the retina and causes blindness.  As of now, there is no cure and little can be done to slow the progression of the disease, but there is hope and people rallying together to help find a cure.


One of the leading fighters of this disease is Dr. E.M. Stone, MD/PhD, director of  The University of Iowa Institute for Vision Research.  Dr. E.M. Stone is hard at work to end blindness caused by this disease through stem cell research, education, and clinical care.

Sam’s Scramble for Sight took place out on the rolling greens of Egypt Valley Country Club where family, friends, and acquaintances helped sponsor the event to raise money for a cure. It was a great turnout and spirits were high!


Intereum’s Team: Bret, Jerry, and Lou

Intereum Team: Jerry, Mike, and Lou

Intereum was also grateful to be part of this years Twin Cities RISE! Community Partner Award. Twin Cities RISE! is an anti-poverty organization that looks to provide comprehensive work skills training to low income adults.  At TCR! they use a melody of work skill classes, personal empowerment, one-on-one coaching and internships to help gain fulltime employment and a living wage for these individuals and families.


IMG_6387Intereum’s Medtronic team was selected to receive recognition due to their behind-the-scenes-work, enthusiasm, and support to TCR!.  The Medtronic team proudly reflected TCR!’s five founding principles this year, including:

    • Personal Empowerment: Teaches, encourages and/or models personal empowerment to participants and peers
    • Reciprocal Accountability: Is reliable and dedicated to helping TCR! and expects the same from us
    • Market-driven: Keeps TCR! current on hiring trends and practices
    • Purpose Focused: Believes in the mission of TCR! and how their involvement helps transform lives
    • Learning-driven: Helps TCR! evolve and grow to best serve participants


Intereum is honored and very fortunate to be able to support our friends in the community with both Sam’s Scramble for Sight and Twin Cities RISE!

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