Twits at Brits: A Day on the Turf

Intereum has risen to the rooftops yet again to take the field in the 4th annual Brit’s Pub Lawn Bowling event, Tilt the Kilt.  For those not familiar with lawn bowling, it is best described as being similar to bocce ball but with lop-sided balls to encourage a more strategic game. In addition to the heat of the competition, we must mention that it was a scorcher of a MN day with a heat index of 102 degrees!


Turf Twits representing Intereum


Proceeds from the event go to help a great organization called Bridging, which helps provide furnishings to homes for those in need.  The event truly is a fun time and is made even better by supporting such an organization! Through sponsorships and raffles, the event raised $3,300 to go towards their charitable partner.


It’s not a lawn bowling event without some winners! This year’s winners included Hoyt Properties for the best team name of Multiple Scoregasms, the best costume award went to The Rolling Dead from Nelson Architects, and the winners of the lawn bowling contest was Team Bowl You Over. Thank you to NAIOP for putting together this event!

The Tweeting Twits

The Tweeting Twits

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