A Reason to Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Plane

photo 5

Imperfect Jumps – Day Break

There aren’t enough words to describe the amazing dedication, courage and resilience Kevin Burkart is composed of. Take it from me (his girlfriend and marketing coordinator with Intereum) that he is a guy with a generous heart; spirited and talented in so many ways. And on the day of Imperfect Jumps, his prowess as a skydiver radiated with his mission to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease since his father, Gary, was diagnosed with it 15 years ago.


Intereum was a sponsor for the Final Tribute to Perfect Jumps, which was on the calendars for June 2012, but there was a drastic change in plans for the event when in March of 2012 Kevin was severely injured in a snowmobile accident. What happened over the course of the next year was absolutely life changing and captured in the following Kare 11 report from Dave Schwartz.  Click below to play. 

“Perfect Jumps” turned into “Imperfect Jumps” as Kevin had a goal to do as many one-armed skydives in a day.  The day itself was incredible: Full of energy, excitement, and accomplishment. Kevin made 151 one-armed jumps, brought in a total of $135,000 from this “Imperfect Jumps” campaign (over a quarter million with 2008 and 2010 totals factored in), and made an impact on research for PD and adaptive sports everywhere.

photo 4

Following a zippy ride in the plane, my wobbly legs were happy to find ground beneath them again!

The support of family, friends, volunteers, and sponsors all made this day such a success! Those interested in continuing the efforts to raise money and awareness should check out the National Parkinson Foundation of MN’s website: http://parkinsonmn.org/.


10:00 PM – Bonus donations that came in for each jump made!


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