Refresh Your (Etho)Space!

When Ethospace was introduced in 1984, it was the very first frame-and-tile system on the market. In developing this style of systems furniture, the design duo of Bill Stumpf and Jack Kelley, saw and understood the need for addressing technology use with this new product. They created Ethospace systems furniture to accommodate the requirements for not only computers, but everything else that goes into a workstation: Telecommunication equipment, sophisticated power distribution, and cable management.

Almost 30 years later and we are still using Ethospace and it’s many attributes to successfully meet the needs of our clients.  Existing Ethospace clients have the flexibility to refresh their investment in many ways, as that was the design intent by having a frame-and-tile system. It’s as easy as reusing frames, tiles, and whatever else to execute a complete new look.

Take for instance this successful Ethospace reconfiguration. The goal was to create a more open floor plan and layout which included providing collaborative spaces, hoteling stations for those on the go, team tables for group work, conference rooms, and workstations.  The refreshed look is invigorating for employees and provides more efficient ways of working by addressing the different types of working styles.

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