Come Along With Us: NeoCon 2013 and DIRTT Chicago 2013

Comfy shoes are not required for reading today’s NeoCon post; simply sit back and enjoy as we dive into recapping the fabulous debuts and finds at NeoCon 2013.

Let’s begin with the most exciting news and that is with Herman Miller receiving high honors in 5 categories. Running through the list we begin with the award for Showroom and Booth Design and Herman Miller captured both of the Best of Competition and Large Showroom Winner! Below are the other high achievements received:

NeoCon Awards for Herman Miller

Awards for Herman Miller

Entering the Herman Miller showroom at this year’s NeoCon had a buzz of energy around something very new. Researched and developed over the course of the last 4 years, Herman Miller captured the attention of many with the launch of the Living Office concept. An excerpt from Brian Walker, CEO of Herman Miller, explains that the “Living Office is a wonderful, multi-dimensional response to all the changes we see happening around us. I’m deeply excited about it because it reaffirms one of our fundamental values – people are at the center of everything we do.”

Living Office helps people customize their methods, tools, and places of work to express and enable shared character and purpose. It is based on what is fundamental to all humans and evolves continuously in response to change. It is a more natural and desirable workplace that fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity, and ultimately, greater prosperity for all.


An Engine of Prosperity: In the new landscape of work, a dynamic equilibrium of shared passion and profit delivers greater performance and value for both individuals and organizations. Living Office generates this mutually reinforcing engine of prosperity.

Expect to see more in the future on this workplace transformation from Herman Miller!

Up next is a look at DIRTT Environmental Solutions and how they wowed visitors at DIRTT Chicago 2013 with a look from all angles in healthcare, residential, education, and technology. Here’s a clip from their website in how DIRTT describes what they do:

“At DIRTT we don’t make products, we build projects. While our components are best in class, it is the way you use them that makes them special. You tailor them to your needs and they are built quickly in a protected, clean factory ready for installing in your space.”chicagoHealthcare003

At Intereum, our Green Learning Center is full of ideas on how to create and define your own space. So if you weren’t able to attend Chicago this year and explore offerings from DIRTT (or from any manufacturer for that reason!), please stop in to Intereum and we’ll show you around.

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