Intereum Employee Spotlight on Mary Ryan (and Her Retirement!)

Last week Intereum threw a great party to celebrate the retirement of Mary Ryan, one of our Architectural Products team members.  Mary Ryan had dedicated over 5 years of her career to Intereum and specialized not only on architectural products, but also on flooring, the DIRTT team, and she was the client services contact for all Life Time Fitness clubs.  This woman wore many hats around this place!


Mary Ryan as she ‘graduates’ with her Life Time Fitness team.

Mary Ryan got her start in the industry 30 years ago once her children were old enough and she could go back to work.  Before coming to Intereum, Mary worked in all different facets of the industry including paint, carpet, and the hardware store she and her husband owned.


Mary Ryan and her husband Jon

When Mary first started working at Intereum she felt very fortunate to find a place that really felt like a family, spurred great energy, was a beautiful place to work, and provided such a healthy environment to work in. Becoming a member of the DIRTT team gave Mary a true appreciation for being part of the small unit because everyone’s strengths brought such a value to the whole DIRTT team.  When Patrick joined the group late last year, she found that his experience and fun natured self brought a whole new level to the group, and it was a blast to be a part of.  One major account and role Mary had was servicing the Life Time Fitness clubs and upon reflecting on her responsibilities, the best aspect was being able to work on an account and with a company that cultivated creativity, innovation and cutting edge designs.


Mary Ryan with her DIRTT boss Patrick

In her retirement, Mary has the best intentions of enjoying each and every moment of it!  She loves to golf, garden, camp, downhill ski, snowmobile, and boat.  No doubt there will be plenty of visits with her 10 grandchildren! Mary also wants to spend more time volunteering at her church and at a hospital or nursing home to provide friendship to people that may not have family to come visit them.


Mary Ryan getting ready to head off for retirement!

Mary brought joy, kindness, perseverance, humor, and a depth of understanding to each level of her job here at Intereum. We are thankful to have been part of her career-family and we are sad to see her go, but are so excited for her as she enters this new chapter in her life!  Congratulations, Mary, on your retirement and best wishes every day!

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