Herman Miller Partners with Planetree Visionary Design Network

Herman Miller has always kept people at the center when it comes to their designs.  This is no truer in the commercial side of their designs as it is in their healthcare designs.  Recently, Herman Miller Healthcare has made a strong partnership with Planetree Visionary Design Network to better serve patient’s needs.



Herman Miller’s healthcare focus and goals are centered on creating healing environments that customize the needs of patients.  This ensures the people using their designs best interests will always be at the center.  Planetree’s focus is to personalize, humanize, and demystify healthcare, beginning and ending with the patient in mind.  With those core values at the heart, Herman Miller is proud to have found someone with the same vision to partner with to focus on their healing environments.  This partnership aims to draw on their collective research and design to encourage creating patient-centered healing spaces.

Coming June 25th, Intereum and Herman Miller Healthcare will host a CEU focused on the story of Planetree, the healing environment, and patient-centered care. This presentation will focus on what’s become top-of-mind for many healthcare organizations, the patient experience, and it will also address the measurable outcomes with Planetree’s successes and its relation to the creation of environments. The CEU kicks off at 4:00 at Intereum. Contact Jen Zeller if you’re interested in attending!

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