izzy+ Nemo Trellis and Nemo Bar

Back when the snow was falling (yes, a mere two weeks ago), we had a visit from izzy+ for a spring update.  Knowing that the workplace involves a lot of collaboration and huddle spaces, we were introduced to a great collaborative product line perfect for large and small groups: The Nemo Bar and Nemo Trellis designed by Joey Ruiter and Chuck Saylor.


Nemo Bar and Trellis, photo courtesy of izzyplus.com

The Nemo Bar creates a great place for people to collaborate and connect around. Being at standing height helps support the idea of people constantly being on the move and moving from one thing to the next.  The Nemo Bar has power options to bring technologies into your meetings and a plethora of flavor materials that can be applied for any aesthetic. Pull up a stool or just yourself; the Nemo Bar is a great addition to the working environment.


Nemo Bar, photo courtesy of izzyplus.com

As a complimentary or standalone piece, the Nemo Trellis provides a beautiful architectural element that defines space as an inviting, gathering hub.  It has a balance of enclosure for a certain amount of privacy as well as openness that welcomes people in.


Nemo Trellis, photo courtesy of izzyplus.com

Both the Nemo Bar and Trellis won Gold at NeoCon in 2012 for their amazing ability to house and support people coming together and creating.  For more information about the design inspiration, check out this quick video. One look from the fresh designs and materials from izzy+ and you’ll be thinking spring, too!

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