Simple, But Not Too Simple

The family of Setu chairs, designed for Herman Miller by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, has expanded into a full-line of seating and table options for working, meeting and relaxing.  Crafted with a keen understanding that technology has changed how we work, where we work, and how we move about throughout the day, Studio 7.5 created a furniture solution that also can work anywhere, everywhere, and for any one.

Simply enjoy.

Effortless enjoyment. Photo courtesy of

The most beautiful part about Setu seating isn’t the visual decadence that transcends, but the simplicity. The instruction manual simply reads, “Sit down.” You have nothing to think about. Taking the same approach with the line of Setu tables, you are now free to carry on comfortably while working, meeting, and lounging in an effortless, enjoyable manner.

Story Behind the Design

Hear the design team’s concept for producing the Setu and the strategy behind the instant comfort, minimalist design, innovative materials, and now a family of options.

Good to Know: Innovation and Design of Setu

  • Kinematic Spine bends and flexes with every move (nothing to tilt or tweak)
  • Elastomeric fabric provides superior suspension and comfort while conforming to the body’s contours
  • Multipurpose chair is 93 percent recyclable/45 percent recycled content
  • Lounge chair and work stool are 90 percent recyclable/51 percent recycled content
  • No PVS and MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle Silver, GREENGUARD, and level 2 certified
  • Warranty: 12 year, 3 shift
Setu seating used in training space

Intereum’s large meeting space. Photo taken by Brandon Stengel of Farm Kids Studio, Minneapolis, MN.

One walk through our showroom and you’ll see the variety of ways we have used Setu, clearly making it a dynamic option for all types of workers in any space.

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