Intereum Employee Spotlight: Dave Grosz

Our next employee spotlight is on Dave Grosz who was nominated and won the overall 2012 Hedgie Award!  Dave’s job description is Inventory Specialist but he is the most cross-trained person in the warehouse.  He takes care of everything from the administrative side of the warehouse (including the year end inventory), the Try-a-Chair Program and “other duties as assigned”.  Dave started with Intereum as an installer 23 years ago and has worn many hats including installer/service rep, foreman, and “stand in” project manager.  He really is the epitome of ‘The Jack of all Trades’!

Outside of work Dave keeps himself busy with a long list of diverse hobbies.  After completing active duty in the Army in the late 70’s, Dave got into motorcycle racing.  That hobby started with motocross, which is both expensive and time-consuming (difficult to train when you work 3 shifts).  From there he thought he’d save some money by doing some road racing.  That idea proved to be folly when he found he was going through a set of tires every week!

Through the bike shop where Dave would get his motorcycle equipment, he heard of someone in town that was into competitive bicycling.  Dave decided to make the move from gasoline-powered to human-powered bikes.  After a couple of years training together, the two found themselves racing and placing quite well. Dave has literally taken on mountains in his biking endeavors and has conquered extreme altitude in the process.  On one trip to Colorado, which came after just a little training and a bit of altitude sickness, Dave started a ride at Idaho Springs (7500 ft. above sea level) and road to the top of Mount Evans (14,260 ft. above sea level), completing a 26 mile trek only one way that included 21% incline grades.  He made this intense ride up and back down in about four hours!  Take a moment to enjoy some of his truly breathtaking pictures from this journey.

1 2 3

Dave also rides for good causes in events like ‘The Ride across Minnesota for MS’.  He thrives in competition and enjoys showing those young bucks up! And at age 55, he just keeps doing that time and time again.


Dave also enjoys the techy side of things and even has his own home server that links up all of his electronics.  He is able to record movies, TV shows, music, and the like while accessing it all from anywhere in his home on any TV, stereo, or smart device.  He makes it look so easy!

Using his handy skills, he has gotten into some big-scale home remodeling projects in his spare time.  Recently he finished his bathroom that is completely lined in quarter cut marble, heated floors, custom millwork, and state of the art building materials from Germany.  He is also working on his basement, which is where his tech hub is housed.

When Dave gets an idea in his mind he goes big and becomes the best at it.  This can easily be seen in the quality of his work and his overall ‘happy-go-lucky’ and ‘go-get-em attitude’!  We are so lucky to have such a skilled person working in our warehouse and supporting or team at Intereum.

Thank you, Dave Grosz!

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