Sound Masking Tackles Noise Pollution

The new work place trend of open offices full of collaborating spaces is a great way to function as a company.  We have personally experienced at Intereum, with our new showroom design, that lower panel heights in workstations actually help reduce some noise.  Being able to see your neighbor has made people more aware of the noise they make and its ability to travel. Therefore, everyone has been more careful about bringing the decimal levels up.


Intereum’s open floor plan.

Along with workstation design and the layout of the showroom, we have some additional assistance from a product we offer to help mask work place sounds.  Cambridge Sound Management produces a product with QT Quiet Technology that creates a white noise to muffle sound.  The QT Quiet Technology uses ceiling mounted emitters to disperse a uniform programmed spectrum of white noise.  The overall design is visually less obtrusive than their competitors large ‘paint can style’ white noise emitters and they create a more balanced and equally displaced amount of noise.  QT can be easily controlled with a remote and installation is easy!  Did we mention it is one of the least expensive ways to mask noise in the office?


Speakers for sound masking Emitters

Having a sound masking system actually helps people focus better since they won’t be distracted by conversations or annoying co-worker habits.  The decreased distractions in return means an increase in productivity.  Not to mention an increase in individual sense of privacy in an open-work environment is always nice and that sound masking helps create ‘personal space.’  All good things!

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out this long list of case studies where QT Technology made all the difference for these companies.  Contact Intereum for all of your sound masking needs!


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