Another One for the Shelf

2012 was a year of many great accomplishments for Intereum.Awardbanners.jpgAs shown in the above image, company information for each year is collected and hung on banners along a stretch of hallway to demonstrate our active recognition for what the year accomplished. This is all part of the “going from good to great” foundation our company values are built around.

Amid the personal accomplishments and top honors for our company that we are truly proud of, comes an even more special recognition that takes a company-wide and team effort to achieve. We’re talking about the Herman Miller Market Share Award.


Award.jpg Our collection of 7 Market Share awards acknowledges that our dealership shows the great efforts we have made over the years to be a reputable resource for office furniture and services to those in the Minneapolis and surrounding areas. And, out of 51 Herman Miller certified dealerships, we have consistently placed within the top 10 year after year. For the 2012 award, we were placed as the 5th highest market share dealer in the country!

We would like to thank all of our team members who have worked so hard to make this possible and you, our customers, for turning to Intereum (when it has to work).


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