One Door Closes and Another One Opens

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After 32 years of dedication and ambition, Melissa Nelson is retiring from Intereum.  Melissa started out as a designer at DVR&W and was later hired in 1982 by FSI. Here she continued her work as a designer but ended up having significant career moves that led her to becoming the Principal of FSI in 2001. Jumping to 2004 when WorkXite and FSI merged to form Intereum, Melissa held the responsibilities of managing the design department and implementing service programs into corporate accounts.

Melissa’s news of retirement brought mixed emotions around the office; joy for her as she ventures off to the new chapter of life after many decades of much deserved rest and sadness as she will be greatly missed by all.  She has touched everyone here at Intereum and we have all learned something from this strong woman.  We are excited for what lies ahead of her and so happy that we got to celebrate all of her years of service to our company and employees. And the best way to express our thanks was by asking the very talented artists at Gateaux to make not just any cake, but one that held significant importance to the career history Melissa has had.  Thank you Melissa and best wishes to you!

Here’s some of the trivia questions we challenged Melissa with at her party! How many do you know the answers to?

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