We*Care 2012

Intereum participated in the 16th annual We*Care event hosted at the Boys and Girls Club in North Minneapolis.  This volunteering tradition has become a favorite amongst many around the office and the design community.  There was a wonderful turnout of kids who packed the gym!  Kids were able to get their picture taken with Santa Claus (all the while making sure they’re on his “good” list), craft Christmas presents for friends and family, take home gifts of cozy hats, mittens and gloves, play and chase around Goldie and TC, and end the evening with some delicious pizza.




This was Intereum’s third year of reaching out to the children in North Minneapolis through the We*Care event, but the BGC has been around for decades touching the family and community in that neighborhood every day.  In fact, two of our Intereum employees grew up in North Minneapolis and spent many of their childhood days at the BGC.photo 2

Meet Randy (or Santa!), an essential employee who specializes as our Estimator and has worked at Intereum for 11 years. Randy has fond memories of the club because it was a place for him and his friends to go to stay busy, have fun, and stay out of trouble.  The Boys and Girls Club was a place that he could always count on for having a snack after school and even dinner.  He learned how to play hockey, basketball, and how to box and swim.  He later went on and won the Minneapolis Golden Gloves Championship!  He formed great relationships with the volunteers, coaches, and policeman at the center and still remembers words spoken from his hockey coach who said, “Don’t settle for less.  Don’t settle for less in the rink or outside of the rink.”  Those words, the people, and the BGC helped him become the person he is today:  A person that gives back to the community and children through his coaching talents of football, wrestling and love for sports.

Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 9.00.33 AMWe are also fortunate enough to have the talented shop skills of Jack, another BGC Alumni. Jack became a member of the Boys and Girls Club the day he turned seven.  He remembers this day proudly as his older brothers (BEING older brothers) teased him that he wasn’t old enough to become a member. So when his seventh birthday came along, he marched down to the center and bought his pass and showed it off to his siblings.  Jack knew just the sort of things he was interested in at the club.  It’s not to say that he didn’t like the game room or the gym but it was the workshop where Jack’s true colors came out!  From the age of seven to this day, Jack has known his way around a workshop extremely well.  In his early age, he was making boats, cars, and the like. And just as he had a love for tools and building objects, he had a natural curiosity for blowing up his works of art. Safe to say that it was never a big deal because he could always make a new one!

Without the BGC it is possible that both Randy and Jack would not have had the opportunities to explore such a wide range of activities that later became the obsessions, then passions, and now lives.  The Boys and Girls Club was an asset for the two and is invaluable to the children today, to the community, and to the city.  We are thankful for the opportunities they provide for kids of all ages and ethnics.  We are proud to join with them and help their community of children.


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