BuzziSpace: Bringing Silence and Style Into Offices

Assuming, since you are reading this blog, you have at least heard of this new trend in workspace design where workstation walls are getting shorter, workspace is getting smaller, and collaborative areas area getting larger.  It’s no secret on this blog that that is the new direction of office design and it is how we at Intereum work (we are just finishing up our new showroom).  Well, did you ever think about what happens to the volume in an environment that is adopting this trend?  A Belgian company that started in 2007 was on top of this hip new way to work by hitting the mark on bringing silence in a workspace while still bringing style.  This company is BuzziSpace and their product design has won awards all around the world.

Sas Adriaenssens designed the first four products: BuzziZone, BuzziBoard, BuzziLight, and BuzziScreen.

BuzziZone adn BuzziLight. image from

BuzziZone and BuzziLight. Image from

BuzziBoard. image from

BuzziBoard. Image from

BuzziScreen. image from

BuzziScreen. Image from

Alain Gilles, another designer for BuzziSpace created more funky and fun sound masking products such as the BuzziBooth, BuzziHood, BuzziBlinds and BuzziCockpit.

BuzziBooth. image from

BuzziBooth. Image from

BuzziHood and BuzziScreen. image from

BuzziHood and BuzziBlinds. Image from

BuzziCockpit. image from

BuzziCockpit. Image from

At the center of these products is a truly sustainable story.  From the recycling of PET bottles, which makes up the basic raw material used, to the organic glue, their designs create solutions for the ever-changing work environments. Sound absorbing Eco felt brings noise reduction elements to the stylish aesthetics of the BuzziSpace products. It’s a win-win!

Don’t bottle up your curiosity any longer – be sure to visit our showroom and experience BuzziSpace!

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