Hitting the runway with IIDA Northland Fusion+Fashion 2012

What does thermofoil, snow fence, spray paint, wire, velcro, duct tape, and a pair of high heels have to do with one another?  Well, these individual components came together to produce the 2012 Intereum Fusion dress. From the early stages of finding inspiration, gathering materials, and executing the design, many creative minds (and manpower) brought the dress to life.

Results of our first brainstorming session with materials.

Sketch of the dress design

The IIDA Northland Fusion+Fashion event happens every year (and as we mentioned before, it is THE highlight of the year). You may recall last year and the year before in which we attended. This unconventional runway show is prompted by a design challenge that encourages the implementation of using materials that we work with everyday.

Behind the Design
The inspiration for Intereum’s 2012 Fusion Dress started with the combination of the tango dance style, credited to the selected Pantone Tangerine Tango color by IIDA, and elements representative of a bird. By using traditional building elements, the Intereum dress was formed feathers, plushness, texture, movement and form. Thermofoil is used to create feathers. Snow fencing is used to create texture and plushness. The dress transformation with movement is noticeable with an operating wing on the left side. And last but not least, the use of Pantone Tangerine Tango helps solidify the birdlike concept with an eye catching color story.

Runway ready!

Our wonderful model, Jessie Benson, stepped up to the challenge (in her 4″ platform shoes decked out with feathers) with a great runway strut and attitude. The competition was thick but it wasn’t about winning for us. Knowing that this event was for a good cause with all proceeds going to the charity People Serving People, it came down to enjoying the comradery, the fun pre-party at Spill the Wine, and watching the visions and imagination transform on the runway.

Spill the Wine Fusion pre-party thanks to Herman Miller and Intereum

Our runway model!

Thank you to IIDA Northland for putting on a great show, our team of dress fashionistas and hair/makeup artists, and Herman Miller with Intereum for the pre-party attended by our friends in the Architectural and Design community.

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