izzy+ flavors

We like to keep you informed not only with what is going on at Intereum and Herman Miller, but with what is also the latest and greatest from our alliance partners.  One of partners who fits this catagory of ‘new and exciting’ is izzy+.

Izzy+ represents 5 different brands as a whole: Fixtures Furniture, HAG, Harter, izzy, and ABCO.  The change at izzy+ comes from taking all 5 of these brands, that had 5 different material stories, and turning it into 1 cohesive and unified material story for them all.  Izzy+ likes to call this their flavors program.  The flavors program was a 2 year endeavor by color and material consultant, Kerry Rowe and interior design consultant, Allison Roon.

Allison Roon and Kerry Rowe, the creators of izzy+ flavors. picture from worklernplay.wordpress.com

In those 2 years they explored creating a new material program that would evoke mood, represent personality, and connect people.  In the end, they created 3 groups within the flavors program: core, classic, and evolving.

Their core group would have solid materials that would become the center focus of any environment.  Materials in this group would be expected to last in a space 5-10 years before coming dated.  The next group created a timeless and everlasting design concept in a space.  This is called the classics and it has an expected life of 10-15 years.  The last group within flavors represents the ever-changing trends of the design world and thus is called evolving.  Kerry and Allison then took these flavors and created an array of suggested color pallets, each with their own personality, feeling, and story.  Take a look at this video that tells more about the flavors story and concept!

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