Summer 2012-Intereum Style

With Labor Day right around the corner, we wanted to recap the fun things Intereum has been up to this summer.

IIDA Summer Event – St. Paul Saints Ball Game

The Eames Angels and Bosley

Rightfully so, Intereum took Best in Show for our Bosley and Charles Eames’ Angels theme.  With Herman Miller recently launching the Collection, this seemed like a great way to incorporate the exciting changes while having some fun with it.  The Intereum tailgating booth was decked out with Eames Aluminum chairs, disco balloon ball, and of course the Angels and Bosley. Cocktails served up were Angel Food Cake Martinis garnished with angel food cake, strawberries and whipped cream.

Lawn Bowling at Brit’s Pub

Intereum Turf Twits at Brit's Pub

Turf Twits (Note: not all twits pictured)

The Turf Twits represented Intereum and Herman Miller at Brit’s Pub Tilt the Kilt Lawn Bowling Event on August 20th.  The game was sponsored by NAIOP’s community enhancement and developing leaders committee. Fun was definitely had by all…perhaps a little too much!

MNCAR Golf Sponsorship at Legend’s Golf Course

The Winning Shot

Intereum took part in sponsoring the 16th hole at the MNCAR’s ’9th Ever’ Golf Tournament held at Legend’s Golf Course. Being alongside 144 golfers was not a typical day of work but more of an excuse to break out of the office.

The hole we sponsored is best described as a challenging, uphill Par 5. If that doesn’t pressure the golfer enough, well then you can give us some credit because we added more with our tee off challenge.  Parked out on the green were two Herman Miller SAYL chairs, one for men and the other for women. The objective was to send your ball “SAYL-ing” to get your ball closest to the chair out of all participating golfers. The person who ended up the closest would be ordering their own Herman Miller SAYL chair.

Between these great events and revamping our showroom, we sure have been busy but you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!

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