DIRTT Provides a Clean, Polished Clinical Setting

Everyone can relate to the thought of believing something is too good to be true.  And sometimes, the best possible way to cast those doubts aside is to simply give it a try.

This is exactly what a clinic opening in 2011 sought out to test.  Interested in the highly reputable DIRTT Environmental Solutions, the clinic selected this product for their new location.  Given the obstacle of working within a former retail space, the DIRTT Wall Fronts, Divisional Walls, and Barn Doors allowed to elegantly display and acoustically protect the space, and of course, provide the option to reconfigure the environment any time down the road.

Community Room with DIRTT Sliding Barn Doors

Exam Rooms with DIRTT Sliding Barn Doors, Divisional Walls, Clear Glass and Colored Fronts

DIRTT Walls and Herman Miller products

Since this project has been installed, more clinics are being designed with DIRTT.  The end result is not just a beautifully designed aesthetic, but it is one that is practical and easily reconfigured to meet the next need and purpose while maximizing space.  Not to mention the speed and cleanliness that DIRTT prefab construction can provide allows for quicker move-in, easier access to interior wall sections for technology or fixture hookups, and client customization.

Design has an impact on patients just as much as it does the staff that provide the care. In the end, this clinic found that what they thought was too good to be true could become their reality.

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