Getting to Know Intereum: Tony

It seems life takes us down the twists and turns of uncharted paths to places we could have never planned to be.  In 1986 a young man who had recently graduated from the Police Academy at Normandale started installing during the day and pursuing a B.A. in Marketing by night.  Fast forward 26 years and Tony’s selling position puts him at a different end of the spectrum of the furniture he once installed.  His career path took a turn when he decided after all his college studies that he could really do anything with his life. In a quick moment of wanting to pick up and move out to Los Angeles, Tony spoke with the management about getting hired in Sales and a year later he was hired for the job and began working on projects for Universities, private businesses, and government entities.  Tony’s experience and know how as an installer and even his time at the Police Academy has only helped his relationship with clients.  Tony has brought a lot of knowledge, talent and success to Intereum and he is invaluable to the work that we do here.

We can always count on Tony not only for quality projects, but for his keen sense of humor that lightens the office.  This man has a way with words, and so much so, that everyone who works with him knows of his golden nuggets of ‘Tony-isms.’  Here are some favorites of many:

–  “Keep it in the family”

–  “Keep the ball moving down the field”

–  “Your head is the heaviest part of you body”

–  “He’s neutral like Newfoundland”

–  “Gotta get to the plate to swing the bat”

–  “You need a license to go hunting”

One Comment

  1. Looking good Tony ! Hope you’re doing well. Looking around the Interium site. Man , a lot has happened since I went ill !!
    Best Regards, GB


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