Product Culture Behind OFS Brands

Intereum is fortunate to have relationships with world-class manufacturer partners and today we thought we’d do some zooming in on one in particular: OFS Brands. Having been around for 75 years, OFS understands the importance of connecting people to architecture.

Their ability to connect and draw people in was showcased at this year’s NeoCon with some stunning new products.  Amongst some of their most sleek and polished designs was a table called Trace, which won Gold for Work Place Technologies.  The Trace table is a speaker! Hook up your iPod, ditch your conference room telephone hubs, and seamlessly connect to the table and people in front of you. With the hidden wiring and USB port, the next boardroom meeting can offer a whole new experience.

Another show-stopping table that was debuted was Eleven.  Designed by Daniel Korp of Switzerland, Eleven is simple, beautiful, and functional.  One allen wrench can assemble the entire table as well as adjust the height.  The connection pieces are hidden from the eye leaving a seamless design for the user, viewer, and overall design enthusiast. To keep the clean look of Eleven consistent in a room, Media Glass was introduced, which is a mounting display that can envelope a TV in the same look and feel.

OFS also has a chair that was designed to fit in any type of work space: From conference rooms, to desking, and even occasional seating.  With all the variations on the Madrid seating line, this chair is sure to look at home in any environment.

Designed for the modern business, OFS Brands have a robust commitment to sustainable, detailed execution and performance with their products. If you want to get the NeoCon showroom experience from OFS without the crowd, visit their website and click on their Interactive Map.

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