Getting to Know Intereum: Frank of Critical Mass

By day, Frank Nixon runs a tight shift in his service role as he is the one responding to client calls for product maintenance.  Planning, scheduling, and fixing, this guy stays busy and he’s not about to stop when he punches out for the day.  At night, Frank can be spotted jamming out on his guitar and singing along with a cover band called Critical Mass that plays their gigs all around the metro area.

Frank first became passionate about music like most kids growing up in the 80’s wanting to be the next Hendrix or KISS in the music scene.  It was actually at a KISS concert that he realized that is what he wanted to do with his life.  Since that show, many of his teenage years were spent playing the guitar and writing music all day and even taking it to bed at night, keeping it in sight and always an arm’s length away.  As he grew up, he took the show on the road and became a production manager for many large bands and shows to go across the country.  He was responsible for all of the tour logistics: Catering, hotels, permits, passports, etc., and he loved the fast-paced lifestyle and working long, hard hours.

Then one day, he met the love of his life and decided to settle down.  He could no longer maintain the on-the-road lifestyle, so he decided to end his days as a production manager. He heard about a job opening at Intereum from a friend in 2005 and has been with us ever since.  Frank is still pursuing his love of music and you can see his band playing often at the Green Mill in Bloomington.  Visit their Facebook page (Critical Mass Band) to view their event schedule and more.

Check out Frank’s jamming session below – he knows what he’s doing!

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