MNCAR’s “9th Ever” Golf Tournament

Intereum took part in sponsoring the 16th hole at the MNCAR’s ‘9th Ever’ Golf Tournament held at Legend’s Golf Course. Being alongside 144 golfers was not a typical day of work but more of an excuse to break out of the office. (Remember, we’re in the middle of a remodel…)

The hole we sponsored is best described as a challenging, uphill Par 5. If that doesn’t pressure the golfer enough, well then you can give us some credit because we added more with our tee off challenge.  Parked out on the green were two Herman Miller SAYL chairs, one for men and the other for women. The objective was to send your ball “SAYL-ing” to get your ball closest to the chair out of all participating golfers. The person who ended up the closest would be ordering their own Herman Miller SAYL chair.

Intereum stationed at Hole 16 with cold water, chilled candy, and a nice breeze on a hot day.

The very first group to arrive pulled up to the tee, slamming on the brakes hard to make a skidding sound with one golfer shouting “comin’ in hot!”. What a pumped up start to the tournament! Not quite sure we knew what was in store for us as the first golfer goes up to the tee. After careful study of the course, he winds up and does a big ol’ whiff. After another try, the club and ball connect but not ideally.  The golfer puts his flip flops back on and exchanges words that he’s not a golfer. The next up to the tee is quite impressive. He sinks the ball 5 feet away from the chair. Celebrating 10 minutes into the start of the tournament with a great shot – who would have guessed! The next golfer makes nearly the same shot, except he landed 1o feet away from the chair. You can imagine our amazement!

On and on the teams come and while there are many promising shots, no one is named the new winner.  Things started to get interesting around the halfway point though. A charismatic gentleman approaches the tee first out of his group. In the process of preparing for his shot, he can’t stop expressing how badly he needs a new chair for his office.

And let’s just say his strategy certainly worked. He ended up putting his ball 3 inches away from the chair and victory was his!

The winning ball – 3″ away!

The fun-filled golf tournament wrapped up with a silent auction, appetizers and drinks. We enjoyed sponsoring a hole and being out there with everyone!

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