Sneak Peek of Changes Coming

Intereum is excited to introduce changes that are coming to our showroom.  Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes of the new Herman Miller Canvas workstations we’ll be working in.

Herman Miller Canvas Office Landscape 120 Degree

The current buzz indicates work environments are starting to mirror and reflect company cultures and performance (click here to read or listen to MPR’s latest look into the modern office). The Herman Miller Canvas systems furniture offers structure, surface, surround, storage and support for individuals or collective teams. While raising the performance level of our workstations and work environments, we’re creating an energizing workspace, sure to ignite even better ways to work.

Herman Miller Canvas Beam

The new office of today isn’t about being tethered down; it’s about connectivity, transparency, collaboration, technology, and doing it all by occupying less space, using less paper, and physical presence.

Herman Miller Canvas

Canvas gives you choice: Flexible, beautiful, and scalable. Depending on the worker style, Canvas solutions vary from private workstations to open, public collaborative settings.

Herman Miller Canvas

Herman Miller certainly understands the changing work environments and so do we. At Intereum, we’ve always been about providing better ways to work; for you, for us, for customers. Stop in to see the complete transformation at our Plymouth office this summer.  We promise you’ll be inspired!

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