A Little Art, Science, and Red Thread

One of Herman Miller’s core driving forces in creating innovative and beautiful products, especially in seating, is to be a company that responds to the needs of people.  This problem solving, person-centered research and product development have been the fundamental focus of Herman Miller for over 60 years and they have come to master it by anticipating the questions that we are unlikely to ask.

Through the evolution of the art and science of seating, all the way from the Eames Molded Plywood Chair in 1946 to the SAYL Chair in 2010, the designers and creators of these chairs have always ignited their passion to create the most ergonomic and comfortable seating.  Take a look at the photo gallery below of work chairs to see how the art and science of seating has been introduced and created in their products over the years and all the while maintaining the red thread that runs through it: Health-positive benefits. For more in-depth information, check out this interactive seating PDF from Herman Miller.

And speaking of design, Herman Miller recently launched the Herman Miller Collection in early May, and most exciting, they just opened the NYC Pop Up Shop of authentic modern design. From 1946 to 2012, it’s very clear that the passion lives on.

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