Trung Le and the Paradigm Shift in Education Design

At Intereum, we believe that furniture and the physical environment have a transformative effect on learners.  Having served the education market for over 28 years, we’ve become a go-to resource for clients in the K-12 and Higher Education markets.  As a Herman Miller Certified Dealer, we recognize that quality products are derived from extensive research, problem solving, and with a commitment to human-centered designs.

Seven years ago, Intereum formed a partnership with V/S, which like Herman Miller, is a research-driven company that delivers quality, ergonomically-fit, and suitable education furniture for 21st Century learners in K-12 and Higher Education environments.  With their extensive knowledge of the industry and trends, V/S partnered with Cannon Design to publish the book The Third Teacher, a cabinet of wonders on how design can transform the ecology of learning.

“It is time to change the conversation about learning. It is time to transform our understanding of teaching and learning. It is time for a holistic consideration that creates a new ecology of living, growing and learning for our children.” – Cannon Design

Photo courtesy of Cannon Design Architecture

In support of the research and its impact on education as a whole, Intereum and V/S are cosponsors for a learning presentation featuring Trung Le.  As a key leader in education for Cannon Design, an ‘Ideas Based Architectural Practice’ recognized worldwide for their design excellence and technological innovation, Le has become an award-winning speaker, consultant, and collaborator on The Third Teacher publication.

Trung Le, who is most recognized for his advocacy and work with educational design, has opened the doors to meaningful conversations about changing the education landscape to better serve the 21st Century learners.  His experience and design philosophy for emboldening student inquiry and imagination have given way to how change through design can foster growth with students.

8 Chapters, 79 Ideas: What started as a research project, turned into a published book, works as a design tool, and now serves as the motivation for a architectural groups near and far. To experience the conversation, visit the TED Talk featuring Trung Le.

Trung Le – TEDxReset Talk 2011 from TEDxReset on Vimeo.

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